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Courses are from about 5 weeks – crawling and are held at Yoga Akasha in East Grinstead. Whilst expecting or having a new baby is an exciting and happy time - it can also be exhausting and full of stress, anxiety and difficult adjustments.
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes allow time for you to be with your baby, in a loving, nurturing and bonding way.
Toddler Massage and Yoga classes allow parents to engage with their developing child in a relaxed, supportive and non competitive environment.
Touch is a newborn babies most powerful sense, developing in the womb and continuing to provide a baby with comfort throughout its infancy. As well as the benefits for baby, massage stimulates the release of hormones in the mother which can help with bonding, stress, pain relief and breastfeeding. Also included in the classes is an informal discussion time where you can chat with other parents about your concerns or worries.

Sessions are relaxed and easy going and use a variety of toys, puppets and mirrors to help keep your child engaged and happy. MY Baby and Me offers baby massage and baby yoga classes that aim to help Mummy, Daddy and Baby through this potentially stressful time. Classes allow you to meet other, like minded parents and gain support from them and their experiences. Classes are relaxed and informal, so at any time during the class you are able to meet the needs of your baby. At an age where the children are at their most challenging, MY Baby strives to support parents and children through the challenges, experiments and fun that is toddlerhood. Practising baby massage with your baby has been proven to have a number of long term physiological and emotional benefits - both for baby and for you. Studies have shown that children who receive positive, nurturing touch are calmer, more relaxed, show more empathy towards others and have increased levels of concentration.

Because of its effect on the digestive system massage can often help ease constipation, prevent and relieve colic and relieve discomfort from wind. The 5 week course develops week on week so that by the end of the course you will be able to complete a full body massage routine with your baby - or just pick out their favourite strokes to develop into your own routine.
The hour long session ends with a chance for children to explore treasure baskets, while parents have refreshments and a chat. We never forget that sometimes, in the midst of busy daily life, a parent can forget to slow down and cherish moments of pure joy with their baby - we hope to allow you time for these moments.

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