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Henny Youngman Day is the ninth episode of the second season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 74th episode overall.
During lunchtime at the Acme Looniversity cafeteria, Babs practices her stand-up, annoying the other students.
In the episode segment, Stand-up and Deliver, one of Babs Bunny's impressions is the Energizer Bunny, the American mascot of Energizer Batteries. The roach in Stand-up and Deliver is a parody of comedian Andrew Dice Clay, best known for wearing leather jackets and jeans onstage, his dirty nursery rhymes, and his excessive profanity. The episode segment, Stand-up and Deliver is the second to use bleeped-out swearing, the first was the Test Stress episode segment, To Bleep Or Not To Bleep. The episode segment, The Potty Years is based on a true story; Tom Ruegger's youngest son, Cody, who was 4 years old and fascinated with flushing the toilet at the time, became the inspiration for Baby Plucky. In the title card for the episode segment, Lame Joke, Nicholas Hollander and Sherri Stoner are credited as "$hecky Hollander" and "Boom-Boom Stoner", respectively, for unknown reasons.
After school, Babs tells her friends that she signed up for open mic night at the Acme Improv. When Buster tries to tell his joke (represented by an injured clown), he can't remember how to tell it, and his joke becomes severely ill. An elderly chimpanzee who looks and sounds like George Burns walks on at one point in "Lame Joke" and criticizes Youngman's delivery of a joke.
Much of Baby Plucky's dialogue, "Water go down the hole." and "Water came back!" originated from Cody.

That night, Babs is the last one chosen for open mic night, although she insists she go on first. During Cody's potty flushing phase, Tom Ruegger's family were at a NYC hotel and Cody locked himself in the bathroom, flushing various items down the toilet, clogging it, and creating a flood that filled the bathroom and leaked onto the floors below. At first, he is reluctant, but becomes interested when he sees the water go down the hole as the toilet is flushed. He flushes his diaper, an entire roll of toilet paper, his teddy bear Nana, his rubber duckie, and his toy tugboat. He finally manages to tell it right, his friends all laugh, and the joke is brought back to life.
Although Babs boasts to her friends, she thanks Robin for helping her, as she couldn't have been a huge critical success without his help. He also attempts to flush Furrball, but he escapes and Baby Plucky is nearly flushed himself. His parents scold him, but he hides in the toilet and says, "Ewww." The cartoon ends with Plucky in his normal age (wearing a diaper) attempting to flush the toilet, only to once again, get scolded by his father.

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