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This is a novel fashionable pedestal pan for children, produced with highquality plastic, it has a backrest at sides, the edge is so smooth that it will not cause damage to the skin, so as to provide your child extra comfort. My baby just loves this potty chair.But there is one minor issue with the design, when the baby sits on the pot, his bums are pressed hard against the inner lining of the pot and it kind of makes his skin little abrasive. We also accept payments by Internet Banking, Cash on Delivery and Equated Monthly Installments(EMI).

The drawer type inner gallbladder may be taken out to clean alone, covering a lid keeps hygienic, It is easy to clean and dry, very convenient, sanitary and practical. It's cute baseball design encourages potty training, and when they're ready you can remove the seat to put on any standard toilet.

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