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If you know the sex of your baby, you might consider traditional gender-specific colors for your shower. By including any combination of the above list in your shower, you’ll be sure to set the mood for excitement over the new little bundle. Of course, when you’re thinking of baby shower decorations you have to consider all of the basics, too. La segunda idea para decorar Baby Shower es  mucho mas sencilla pero igual de bonita, se trata de tender ropa de bebe. Either you or someone you know is having a baby, and now it’s time to plan the baby shower! And thanks to great idea sites like Pinterest, you’ll find creative new ways to use these symbols and decorations.
Balloon babies, and giant air-filled rattles and pacifiers are an exciting surprise for shower guests and new mommies.

A nosotros nos encanta compartir contigo manualidades para Baby Shower y en este caso te queremos presentar dos ideas de decoracion preciosas. Acomoda sobre el primer hilo las letras de las palabras “Mi Baby” y abrochalas con las pinzas para ropa. A baby shower is a happy occasion, one in which the mother’s pregnancy is celebrated with joy. However, nowadays, mothers and families are finding that old traditions are meant to be bent, and sometimes broken. If you need specific ideas and are looking for someone to help you plan your upcoming baby shower, be sure to give us a call at (954) 689-0110.
Along with a mix of pastel-colored balloons floating high above the room or anchored on tabletops, they are sure to bring smiles and laughs. Guests are invited to shower the mother with love and excitement for the upcoming birth of her baby.

Soft sky blues make for a great baby girl shower, and pink is just another creative color to consider for a baby boy shower! We have tons of experience in planning beautiful baby showers, including delicious catering options that are perfect for a baby shower! Although celebrations vary greatly, one thing is for certain, baby shower decorations should always be about celebrating the baby. Diapers can be arranged into a cake-shape, covered in ribbon, toys, or other baby necessities and used not only as centerpieces, but as useful gifts to give to the expectant mother at the end of the party.

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