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Signing: To sign potty, make your hand into a fist with thumb peeking out between the index finger and the middle finger. I understand the sign for potty better than the book I’ve just gotten out the library for my 2 year old son. If you are potty training a boy, you know how hard it can be to transition from sitting down to standing up. A big story recently that I've seen all over the place involves parents who potty train their children from birth.
There are probably hundreds of products designed to make potty training easier, but the Peter Potty is definitely one of the more unique products.
It seems like its so far away, but I think potty training will be here at Super Cool Baby before we know it. It is the sign for the letter P (closed hand with thumb between your pointer and middle finger) and then make the motion.

It's probably up there with teething as most parents least favorite part of their baby's development. For anybody that doesn’t sign this looks like my son is swearing and I was uncomfortable using this sign. This Sesame Street Learn with Me Potty Chair features the familiar Elmo character that children love. As your toddler progresses you can remove the seat from the potty to aid transition to an adult toilet.
Potty training can be one of the most challenging part of parenting using fun tools can make it easier on both of you.
To help you get there, choose a potty that's going to make the process as easy as possible. This Beagle themed potty, by Safety 1st, will help get the job done and might even make you smile too.

Five phrases and two sing along training songs are programmed to keep toddlers motivated to learn.
No one is saying potty training will be fun or easy, but at least this potty can help you and your little one along the way.
Potty training can be a tough phase, but with the right tools, you and your toddler just might get through it.

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