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The doctor tomorrow is not someone I have seen before and I would rather not keep bouncing around among the college faculty every time we have a problem. Pale stool is almost always liver issues, id recommends bloodwork, and def an ultrasound of abdomen.
With my son, they thought it could be neonatal hepatitis, biliary atresia, or some other liver infection that was causing him to have the pale stools. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.
I would do what PP's have suggested - work on getting him regular, continue the transition to milk, and keep an eye on the poo. Yes in the past couple days on top of the cows milk he's had Greek yogurt and some cheese so ill cut back on that. When your child is in full-meltdown mode, don't try to reason with her, no matter how advanced her language skills are.
Should we use laxatives to help our preschooler, who's constipated, be more comfortable with potty training? Please update after your appointment because my lo's poop had red streaks in it too and we just started mixing whole milk with his formula so I thought it was because of that but he also had a muffin witha raspberry swirl so I figured maybe it was from the raspberries. I just started introducing whole milk with breast milk as my son refuses to nurse and he went from solid poop to runny, slimy poop in a few days. I don't know if this is the same but I EBF and my little one had diapers exactly like that. How can I help my grade-schooler who is getting teased because she's shorter than other kids her age?
Ok do my dd poop has always been a issue Bc it was one of the main symptoms of her liver disease , I know she is a special case but I wanna ask a question. My sons diapers are darker than the slideshow pic and have a little more of an orange tint usually. My DS is formula fed, on Enfamil ProSobee Soy and he poops at least one time a day and they're almost always about an inch long and hard enough to form a shape but not hard enough for him to be in discomfort when he does poop.
At 4, your child may have trouble understanding that TV characters — even if they're cartoons — aren't real. Is it all right to let my child eat when he's hungry, or do we need to stick to a schedule?

We have an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist, but they won't see us until April. Don't have much advice but agree with what others have said - call and push for an earlier appt.
Also like another had said some of the foods I can have problems with are grapes, peas, berries, etc.
When I was flaring I kept things very plain and easily digestible - white breads, plain chicken, white rice, baked potatoes (without skin), things like that but really the diarrhea kept up until the meds stopped the inflammation. When I was dairy and soy free, I am pretty sure I was taking my own buns with me and we'd go to Wendy's when we were on the road.
Once I eliminated all of the foods that were an issue, obvious mucous went away within 1.5-2 weeks. From what I gather, many peds have no clue and don't really support elimination of much beyond milk and soy. I called my choice of backup docs who is an hour a different direction.  We chose for times liek this when our dev. I'd rather drive a day to seattle to have the folks up there look at him instead of the doctors at our hospital.
My son had liver issues when he was first born which caused him to have pale stools similar to the pics you posted. My husband is out of town so I was trying to find a sitter when the nurse called us back and said since it had only been going on for a short time we had some time to play with.
We (the nurses) usually can diagnose a GI bleed as soon as they come into the ER and we catch a whif of their poo. My LC told me she wasn't eating enough and the mucous and green was the number one sign of it. We have tried Zantac, several formulas, even the hypoallergenic Nutramigen and still the same.
The baby center poop sideshow said normal ff baby poo is peanut butter color and the pic looked very light almost as light as my liver disease baby poo and Loralei's was considered acohlic stools so what is your normal ff baby poo color?this is right before surgery there was no bile flowthis was right after surgery when the bile was just starting to flow ( see the lime mucus)this was today , it varys in color. When my disease isn't acting up I can eat them but they can irritate me a little and like an example - sorry maybe TMI but peas usually come out whole, like I dropped them in the toilet from my plate! I know you have cut out gluten so my fav easy foods prob wouldn't help but just wanted to give you my info.

We were going to go up there to see them this afternoon but backup doctor had the nurse call us back and ask us to come tomorrow when another doctor will be there instead. I have a total lack of confidence in the current crop of residents we would have to deal with right now and unless our doctor is there to oversee things, I'd rather take my chances at a different hospital. Well yesterday I thought I noticed a bit of red in it but I knew seeing it was red that if it was blood it would have happened lower in the intestines and probably because the hard poop. I mentioned watermelon he said that was highly unlikely that colour might happen with beets.
Ped isnt concerned and said its not always a sign of "something" esp when they are happy babies.
They are: grapes, berries of any kind except strawberries (blueberries are especially bad), fried foods, citrus foods, and seeds. I have since found other over the counter meds (homeopathic) that trigger his symptoms too. I had to keep calling the GI updating them on the severity of my symptoms and updating the referring drs to get some more push. I had 3 different pedis tell me there is no way my sons eczema and mucousy blood tinged stools were from food.
Many moms on here freaked me out that she might have an intolerance to milk, but its not showing to be the case. I know it's not the milk or "streaks" of blood that definitely inside the poop so thanks to other pps saying that's what watermelon looks like, that's the diagnosis.
Obviously I am not a doctor or very knowledgable about this, just what we have been through. But I'm glad we didn't have to traumatize him more than a rectal temperature for the time being.
Those of you who have dealt with this, did your kids have fevers, vomiting, or give signs of being in pain when the stool was light colored and shown to be problematic?
He is not fussy, does not spit up, sleeps great, nurses well and is gaming weight like crazy (15 lbs 14 oz as of yesterday).

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