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Well, for sure not that they talk and wear pants just like this interesting, energetic, lively special sea sponge - SpongeBob. SpongeBob is in trouble again, and you have to help your favorite beloved cartoon character in this new interesting game. There's no way in hell that this can be any good, but I'm gonna download it just to get a good laugh!!
Barbie: Super Model is actually a really nice game, starring our well-known glamour toy, Barbie. It's not a great game, but it does cater to the more experimental gamer - or simply a Barbie fan. In the game, you play the role of Barbie - who is trying to make a name for herself as a model in Hollywood.

Working as hard as she can to achieve her goal, she'll nevertheless need your help to overcome all the obstacles in her path.
The game is divided into four parts, each ending in a fashion show in front of thousands of people. All of these parts consist of an arcade bit, a face shooting and a magazine shooting, catwalk training, and then the real catwalk in the end.
The different arcade mission is a drive through Hollywood Blwd, a rollerblading safari at the beach, a walk through an icy mountain town, and a bike tour through the park. In all of these, the mission is to try to collect as many stars as possible, and to try to get the makeup bag and the photo camera, without hitting any obstacles. Barbie's two minigames, the face and magazine shooting, are both played in the same fashion.

To do so, you toggle the colours by using either Ctrl, Alt or Shift, and completely change the outfit or makeup by using the cursor keys. Dress up dolls, and drive with barbie's car?!Some may be disguisted by the mere existance of this game, but someone's gotta think about little girls' software!

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