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The film opens with Lumina using her pearl magic to prepare a fake coronation held for Kuda.
Suddenly, Scylla comes and Lumina disbands the party and hides the pearls she used in the oysters she got them from.
In the cave, Lumina and Kuda continue their fake coronation by customizing their hairstyles to look like princesses. Lumina has noticed that every time Scylla goes to the city, she always comes from a shortcut, which then appears as a dead end. Once inside, they find a cute baby squid and admire it until the squid bites Kuda on the snout. The stonefish tries to scare Lumina and Kuda away by roaring and mentioning how poisonous his spikes are. Back in the kelp forest, Lumina and Kuda are laughing at one of Spike's jokes when Kuda is caught by snarly kelp. At first, Lumina is mistakenly thought as a customer by Madame Ruckus, but when she notices Scylla is passing by, she disguises herself by changing her hair and the same goes for Kuda. Murray returns from his back-and-forth trip and tells Caligo he found no one, but he shows the royal crest to Caligo and confirms she is the princess. Again at Salon La Mer, Prince Delphin who has just come into the city is wrongly thought as an employee.
Later, Madame Ruckus comes to inform her employees that she got an invitation to the royal ball.
When Lumina notices the narwhal who took her invitation, General Caligo gets flapped by Lumina's tail, but he welcomes her instead, saying he likes how she reorganized his son's hair. Caligo takes no time to waste, he immediately drives Lumina outside the ball, and captures her and Kuda with the help of the eels. Spike reveals which the antidote for the venom is and it turns out to be Fergis's Quidest Fetere. Before Caligo reaches the gate, Lumina sends her pearls to the gate, locks it and uses all the pearls in the ballroom to ensnare him.
Scylla states Caligo is the one who ordered her to poison Nereus and reveals Lumina is the long lost daughter of Nereus and Lorelei. She reveals the story: years ago, Caligo sought to be the king of Seagundia, and paid Scylla to poison the newly born baby of Lorelei, the true heir of Seagundia. Celebrate the release of Barbie™: The Pearl Princess and treat your favorite little girls to a beauty night in with Barbie!Enter here for the chance to win one of five prize packages of under the sea delights for the Barbie mermaid fan in your life. Barbie Movies Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Barbie: The Pearl Princess. The original titles of the movie were "Barbie in The Pearl Princess" and "Barbie: Pearl of The Sea".
In the video "Barbie Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!", icy water is poured over Barbie and she transforms into Lumina.
Lumina's picture from one of the official stills is seen in a frame from reef's living room. A Star Wars refrence was made when one of Kuda's hairstyles resembled Princess Leia's in Episode IV: A New Hope. Caligo, Dame Devin from Barbie: Princess Charm School and Queen Ariana from Barbie as The Island Princess, tried to live out their royal dreams through their children (Fergis, Delancy, Luciana) but their children chose to help the protagonist of each movie other than their parents.
Both Lumina and Princess Sophia were transformed into princesses by magical objects (Pearl of the Sea and Gardania's Magical Crown) which only glows on the true heir of each kingdoms.
Both Lumina and Sophia also ask their adoptive families to live with them in the royal castle after they are crowned as the princesses. Portraits of Ambassador Kattrin, Ambassador Selena, Ambassador Renata and Ambassador Mirabella from Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 are shown hanging next to Lumina's new family portrait at the end of the movie. In Kuda's fake coronation as the ruler of Seven Seas, some of the fish are similiar to the Pufferazzi, Alistair, and Lipstick Fish from Barbie in A Mermaid Tale and Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2, just with different colours.

Dolphin's character model is a recoloring of Zuma's from Barbie in A Mermaid Tale and its sequel.
When Lumina and Kuda swam from the reef until Kuda broke the passage's structure, Lumina and Kuda didn't bring the invitation.
Kuda had just returned from searching for pearls after Madame Ruckus announced she received the invitations, but the 'unwrapped' pearls suddenly were missing from her tail grip. When Lumina is in the prison, it was shown she was holding the bars while talking to Murray. Near the end of the movie, when Lumina was in fight against Caligo, she took all the pearls from the ballroom. When Scylla awoke after Lumina gave the antidote and they were hugging, Lumina's pink skirt was missing.
A pearl on the one of Spike's spikes was fall by Caligo, but in the end, when Spike is seen swimming with Sandrine and Dolphin, the spike was covered by a pearl again.
Lumina crowns Kuda as "Princess Kuda, Ruler of the Seven Seas." Kuda then gives a pretend ball in honor of her coronation, in which she and Lumina dance.
Nereus starts to tell Caligo that he and his wife are still grieving over their lost daughter. Murray hears Lumina call Scylla "aunt," and when Murray starts to ask for more information, Scylla throws him out.
Her intuition takes lead, and not long after, she finds a passage through the skeleton of a big animal. Fergis doesn't want to go to the ball since he wants to be a botanist rather than king, but Caligo tells him he is "going to be king and that's the end of it," after which Fergis leaves sadly for his waltz lessons. Caligo then reveals he plans to kill Scylla after the king dies of poisoning so he would be hailed as a national hero. Lumina uses her pearl powers to to put pearls on his spikes, and tells him that now no one will be scared of him.
Upon reading a letter Lumina left for Scylla, Murray realizes she isn't home, but roots through Scylla's things anyway. Lumina removes a pearl from one of Spike's spikes, and he cuts the kelp with it, setting Kuda free.
Spike, afraid of being feared, comes out anyway, and a few merpeople compliment his pearls. Lumina wants to explain that they were trying to bring her her invitation, but Kuda is worried and pulls Lumina into Salon La Mer to hide.
Madame Ruckus sees her talent and hires her alongside with two other employees, Sandrine and Cora. His father interferes, then takes off his Quidest Fetere flower saying that it smelled bad, then flaps his back.
Caligo knows this, but he realizes he has to face a new a dilemma; If Nereus drinks the real nectar, and he drinks the poison, he will be the one to die.
Lumina gets furious; she chases Caligo before he leaves the ballroom, but one of the Tridents grabs her tail.
In fact, that is impossible to have a phone in underwater and the high heel is not useful in the sea (because mermaids do not have feet, and there are no satelites above).
For example, when Lumina and Kuda were in the kelp forest, Kuda mentioned it was almost dark.
But while Kuda swam first before Lumina, suddenly the invitation appeared, fell and floated after her.
But when Scylla fainted and Fergis took the flower, the flower does not looked destroyed at all. Although some pearls were still used to ensare Caligo, all of the pearls are returned to the owners. Lumina tries to put it back inside the oyster without Scylla noticing, but Scylla does notice.

Scylla hears their conversation, and hides a bracelet with the royal crest on it in a drawer. Caligo says that they have to face the fact that without an heir, their kingdom will one day go to his son, Fergis. Scylla says no, telling Lumina about "burning fire coral and vampire squid and poisonous stonefish" as dangers on the way.
However, Caligo has one concern: his son, who is not very eligible, will need to find a wife.
In desperation, Lumina sees light in the distance and rushes to it,believing it is the city, but it is actually a vampire squid lair. After more coaxing, the stonefish agrees to accompany them to the city and practice making friends with other fish. Kuda moans that she doesn't think they will make it to the city, but Lumina shows her they are already there.
While Lumina is busy, back at the castle General Caligo's plan is arranged he depends on Scylla to make the poison. Scylla testimates, saying Lumina has just saved Nereusl, but before she has the chance to say what Caligo made her do, Caligo makes an effort to kill the witness and push her to one opened end of Spike. As the child grew, she could have given it back to her rightful parents, but she couldn't do it, and she felt guilty for that.
The ball continues, and everyone lives happily ever after, except for Caligo that was pushed by Madame Ruckus out of the castle and his fate is unknown. She scolds Lumina for using her pearl magic outside because "bad people" might look for her, but Lumina argues, asking who could find her, unaware that Scylla is afraid Caligo would find out about her.
Scylla replies "if it's poison Caligo wants, it's poison he'll get." Murray takes this to mean she has agreed, and gives Scylla an invitation to the ball. The narwhal goes in and most of the squid leave and chase it, after which Lumina and Kuda enter.
Kuda thus warns Lumina to move away from it, but Lumina doesn't know why and accidentally slaps it with her tail, causing the "rock" to open its eyes and roar. His plan is simple, let Scylla poison the merberry nectar in Nereus' goblet, then he'll get the upper hand.
Then Prince Delphin says he needs to go for a while, and makes Lumina promise to save the next dance for him. Lumina arrives in time to spill the goblet before Nereus drinks it, causing the gasp in the crowds. The venom of the stonefish is about to kill Scylla, but before she dies, she tells Lumina she took her from her parents to protect her.
Caligo suggests they give a royal ball to find Fergis a wife, to which the king and queen agree. Lumina sees this as an opportunity to go to the castle, and although Kuda reminds her of the threats Scylla told her about and hesitates to go, Lumina pushes her to join her. Murray mentions the niece as "blonde, about seventeen years old" and that it is an "interesting coincidence." Caligo asks Murray to bring the girl to him. Although he's been searching for the lost princess, unknowingly, he asks Lumina to do the job. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Vue Cinema Company had exclusive screenings of the film on 15th and 16th February. Five potential winners had been randomly selected by the administrator on about Monday, March 24, 2014.

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