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Barbie is pregnant and because she is a fashionista she feels the need of having beautiful outfits even with her cute bump. Make your best to give this cutie pie a beautiful new look and impress your family with your make-up skills. Barbie is a very fashionable girl, but every now and then she runs out of inspiration regarding her look. Barbie is going skiing today and her wardrobe must be perfect.Choose a nice skiing outfit for her.
Dress up Barbie for her visit in Japan in beautiful Japanese kimono dresses and accessories.

Barbie has been invited to spend a hole week in Wonderland with her good girl friend Alice. Use various dressing elements and dress this girl as best as you can to give her some hoodie style! This amazing holiday is one of Barbie's favorites and she loves to look good and have fun with her family. Help Barbie and use all the items provided to you and create a delicious and beautiful cake.
Under the direction of trainer Kiras of Barbie, Kristy and Tereza are going to reach perfection in four kinds of exercises and to win the championship!

Choose one, two or all three gymnasts, and help each of them to create the program on each of a gymnastic apparatus!Features of game Barbie Team Gymnastics: - Think up combinations of exercises on bars, a log and on a carpet.

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