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Features of the Flip n Flush Toilet Potty Seat include: Easily and semi-permanently attaches to your adult toilet seat. The Flip-N-Flush is now available for elongated toilet seats, as well as in standard round.
To determine if your toilet is round-front or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt holes (which connects the seat to the bowl) to the front rim of the toilet.
Separate Flip n Flush seat from it's hinge bracket by snapping the seat mounting arms ot of the hinges.
Raise existing toilet seat up with one hand while sliding the Flip n Flush hinge bracket under anchor bolts.
Email us or call us at 281-485-3330 (open 9 am to 4 pm CST) if you have any more questions about how to figure out if this flip n flush potty seat will fit your toilet seat. We had been trying for 6 mos to potty train my 3 yr-old and those funky seat on the seat things just weren't working.
The Flip Toilet Seat - Kohler Transitions - Elongated is made of durable stain-and scratch-resistant polypropylene, but it is also designed ergonomically for complete comfort!

This innovative Flip Toilet Seat - Kohler Transitions - Elongated keeps aesthetics and efficiency in mind and features exceptional craftsmanship and durability. This flip potty seat, functional and creative, is perfect for anyone looking to keep their bathroom looking tidy and lovely throughout the potty training process!
I wanted something that didn't look cheesy, but still was functional for my toddler and adult users. It was possible to put install the flip n flush with the padded seat--though NOT recommended--but it was a little too thick and the base of the flip n flush cut little dents into the padded seat. I love the potty training pants so I ordered them somewhere else for free shipping. Excellent! This Flip Toilet Potty Seat is ideal for initial training, can remain installed until your child is large enough to fit properly on an adult seat, and will help reduce your child's fear of "falling" into the toilet. Reduces children's fear of falling into the toilet Easy Clean & Change - Never clean a potty chair again!
Potty Training Concepts has great customer serivce and contacted Bemis who promptly sent wrong hardware again.

This Flip Toilet Potty Seat is available for standard round toilet seats, as well as elongated toilet seats. I had already contacted hardware stores and knew you cannot get the hardware from anyone but Bemis.
I did not get the overnight (nightime training pants) ones because they do not have them in her size but she leaks out of huggies overnight pull up.
Definitely will be great for my 2 year old in potty training mode. Adult and Toddler All in One Toilet Seat (Oct 04, 2014) Reviewer: Renee Jansen We love this seat!

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