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The Family Seat is an adult seat with a detachable potty training seat for young children, an in built magnet in the lid holds the potty training seat in place until released.
The Built-In Potty Seat secures magnetically into the cover when not in use to reduce clutter. This unique seat accommodates both adult and child users equally, making it the perfect seat for your family bathroom.

With NextStep®, toddlers can use the seat with confidence, knowing it is sized to hold them, is securely attached to the toilet, and will not shift underneath them. This Flip Toilet Potty Seat is ideal for initial training, can remain installed until your child is large enough to fit properly on an adult seat, and will help reduce your child's fear of "falling" into the toilet. The lower portion of the nut shears off when the proper tightness is reached, so it is always perfectly tight.

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY TOILET SEAT IS ROUND FRONT OR ELONGATED To determine if your toilet is round-front or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt holes (which connects the seat to the bowl) to the front rim of the toilet.

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