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Hello,A couple of days ago I received the Porch Potty and I am so excited to tell you that dogs used it instantly. But, in an effort to give his new pup some "independence," one Redditor was inspired to build an outdoor DIY porch potty so the little guy can take care of business all on his own. This DIYer shared photos of the process on Reddit, where we learned a little bit about the gadget's mechanics. Cutting down trees, or even removing branches requires climbing and working with dangerous tools from a high distance off the ground. Read Our Porch Potty Review And Get 20% Off On Any Accessories You Buy When You Purchase A Porch Potty Click Here!
Need a great indoor dog potty for your dog or puppy?  Many possible scenarios might make you look into getting a new potty for your doggie, other than the obvious one of potty training your dog. Unfortunately the Potty Park is no longer available BUT the good news is that the Porch Potty Is!

The water timer connects to your hose bib, and turns the water on and off every other day for exactly one minute.
The platform is made from a 2' x 6' bottom-draining water heater drip pan, a slab of plywood cut to the same dimensions (with a hole for the drain sprout) and an expanded steel frame to support the dog's weight.
This is disaster waiting to happen, and definitely something better left to professionals who are trained and paid to do this! But having had a dog who was finicky about going outside in bad weather, I can definitely see the benefit of something like this.
The volume of water can be more than the Catch Basin can hold, and therefore is not included in the bundled sale. But more importantly, it has been grown without soil, consisting of only the roots and grass blades. Most dogs learn to use the Porch Potty best when using the live Training Sod because of the natural grass scent that instinctually lets dogs know where to potty.

This allows the layer of grass to drain properly, and keep the drain hose free of soil and other debris.
Finished with a bed of astroturf and a lid to hold everything in place, we couldn't be more impressed with this doggie's owner. We found your product to be wonderful, especially when Charlotte was diagnosed with luxated patellas in both rear knees.
Every Porch Potty comes with synthetic grass, and Training Sod is only $29 when purchasing your Porch Potty. You can expect the Training Sod to last 1 – 4 months depending on weather conditions and the amount of urine it is exposed to.

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