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As the parents of three children, struggling like so many others to find a balanced and effective parenting style, we turned away from all the parenting fads and studied the hard scientific evidence on what really works.
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I love it when I am able to find an app that not only engages the kids, but encourages them to interact. If you don’t see one of your family favorite kid science apps listed here please leave a comment for me and the other readers about why it is your favorite!
Your child will also learn geography, history, and geology as they as they play their way through puzzles, games and activities!
As your child explores habitats they will discover various animal cards that unlock the animal’s special ability. While this app does have a toy that can be bought to go with, this app is lots of fun on it’s own.
Your child will love helping Babu the Meerkat from The Mighty Jungle (Sprout and Disney) find his friends! Through the process of elimination they will learn the main habitats that fit both the animals characteristics and natural environment. This app builds one topic as a time as your child unlocks levels by completing the games and activities. Children enter Bill Nye’s secret lab to world of scientific exploration and experimentation. Based on the award winning PBS show -Sid the Science Kid, this familiar childhood character teaches your child about friction and sliding in two stories, games, and songs. Breezy Mama - Expert parenting advice, celebrity interviews, product reviews for kids, moms and babies and more!
MeeGenius — Children will enjoy these books for hours and improve their reading skills!
Simon Says Echo — Watch and listen to the flashing sequence, and repeat them in the same order.

Maya Ramirez Drake lives in Carlsbad with her husband Todd and their three reading sons, Noah (12), Lucas (10) and Joshua (08). Breezy Mama has articles on parenting, health tips for moms, celebrity interviews, fashion, product reviews and more- Come dive in!
From seahorse travel coffee mugs (that make coffee extra delicious!) to sweatshirts and more, get your Breezy Mama gear here! The techniques we learnt were so life changing, yet so straightforward, that we made it our mission to convert them into powerful step by step tools and make them available to parents world over. Read more about the philosophy behind Best of Parenting. Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family.
My daughter definitely has had her fair share of struggles when it comes to learning and I have had my fair share of disagreements about how things should be done.
Since the iPad is a vital part of our life (is one of the main reasons my daughter began speaking), it is very important to me as a parent to find apps that will not overstimulate or deter her ability to focus. So far we have tried out 236 apps across a variety of topics, only a handful have made the best iPad apps list. Your child will enjoy the amazing graphics as they set off on an adventure with the very lovable characters Ansel and Clair. The game is very easy to navigate, yet provides a decent challenge to hand-eye coordination.
Also teaches your child days of the week and months, listening and comprehension, critical thinking, and observation. Each animal provides interactive sounds as your child clicks there way through discovering creatures of the sea. With 64 levels your child is sure to be entertained for hours while learning nutrition facts and challenging their critical thinking skills. To keep li’l brains sharp or just to buy you time in the airport, on car trips or in the countless doctor’s office visits because you are pregnant with twins, you know, your fourth and fifth child (or maybe that’s just me…), per Breezy Mama Jenny Bower’s request, Breezy Mama brings you a list of the top phone apps for kids.
Babies and Toddlers can enjoy looking at the pictures while grown kids can read the facts or listen to the facts. Join Breezy Mama’s FREE webinar with Positive Parenting Solutions (as seen on the Today show)!

Yet, when it comes to the iPad I fully agree that it has a positive impact on children’s learning and is a vital tool for children with developmental delays. The colors are bright and inviting while not creating an overstimulating sensory experience. As your child explores the life sciences they will learn the names and characteristics of several wild animals. An awesome app for expanding language, encouraging curiosity, and developing hand-eye coordination – your child is sure to love it! While this app is not aimed at early childhood, the possibilities to use this app to explore within developmentally appropriate levels is possible. We turned to long time (and by “long time” I mean our mamas hung out together while preggers with us) bestie Maya, the world’s greatest second grade teacher (who also contributed last summer, “Top 5 Ways to Get Your Child Reading Ready”). For those that may disagree about the benefits of electronics please take a minute and check out this amazing article from Wired about the impact of technology in the classroom.
Some of my favorite aspects are the use of the front camera to explain how vision works and the ability to record interactions for later play back.
Awesome Eats is one of her favorite games, although she is not very fond of the thieving birds! We personally enjoy finding the pictures together and using them as inspiration for discussion or even art projects!
Grab a glass of wine or a summertime cool refreshment (and your husband, too, if you want!) and sit back anonymously in front of your computer or type in questions you have as we go along!
Brushing our teeth was a daily battle in our home until this app showed my daughter the effects and importance of taking care of our teeth. There are also amazing videos and lectures available on the app that can help you the parent guide your child and answer their million questions this app is sure to spark!

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