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Even though I’m sure there is a weight limit on the Plasma Car, adults can totally ride them. Tunnel Tent: The tunnel tent is portable, flexible and can be squished up and packed neatly away in your closet.
Hoppity Ball: Similar to the trampoline, the hoppity ball provides the same sensory input in the form of repetitive stimulation. It is so important for parents to do all they can to help their child, giving them the best start. I know people need to work, but I believe in most cases you can cut back financially to live off one salary for the benefit of your kids. I never commit to sharing a positive review, but if I like the product and think my readers will too - I often mention it here. Pedals can be frustrating for a high energy toddler who hasn’t yet developed the coordination to effectively steer and pedal at the same time. Trampolines are particularly beneficial for children who may be dealing with a sensory processing disorder. The repetitive stimulation of bouncing into a rebounding surface helps teach the body over a period of time how to read those impulses it has not been able to interpret.

These balls are a great way to introduce your child to a unique texture with an item they already enjoy playing with. Rather than sitting on the couch to watch their favorite tv show, you can have your child sit and bounce on the hoppity ball to work off extra energy and receive the input they need. Now I just need to find something for my one-year-old so that I am not chasing after her carrying 25 pounds on my hip. Wesley has a similar version of this bike and he rides it down our greenbelt every single day, which is a great way to burn off a ton of energy while also developing balance, learning to steer, and fine tuning those motor skills. In addition to the physical therapy benefits, I like to also use the trampoline to teach Wes numbers and counting and help him work on following directions to perform certain activities. Eventually I realized it would be very convenient to have a swing in our backyard (so we got this one).
Meaning, by educating herself, Ashley and her husband can make their home more peaceful by learning what makes W tick.
Ashley makes money off her posts and her writing and promoting things that can be helpful, how is this different from making money from working at Starbucks.

This means if you purchase an item from a link I provide to those shops, I sometimes receive a commission. The rhythmic stimulus soothes many children, helping them learn to realign their sensory systems. I’ve mentioned before that we have some challenges getting Wesley to wear certain clothing items. I only share products and services that I would personally use and think are a good fit for my readers. These toys are fabulous for the healthy development in all children–even those not working on sensory integration therapy.

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