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If you need a comfortably padded folding potty seat to take with you on short or long trips, then you will love the Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler. Say good bye to pinched bottoms with theMommys Helper Cushie Traveler Folding Padded Potty Seat. Whether for travel or use at home when potty training, the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus does a great job. This entry was posted in bathroom and tagged Best Folding Potty Seat for Toddler, Folding Potty Seat, Folding Potty Seat for Toddler, padded potty seat, rubber base, Toddler, travel bag, underside brackets on August 17, 2014 by longer.
You can bring all the familiarity and comforts of home with you and your child wherever the both of you might go. PACK IT UP: This multipurpose GoGo Babyz Sidekick Bliss Diaper Bag offers more than meets the eye! For a diaper bag, the Sidekick Bliss is a little on the smaller side, but I love the fact that it does so many jobs and I don’t have to carry the baby carrier with me in addition to a diaper bag. If you liked this post, check out more, and follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram too!!
I think that I will definitely be investing in one of those Sidekick Bliss diaper bags when we have baby #3! About MBKBMommyB Knows Best is a family friendly website that features fun tips and tricks for parents, fresh segments you won't see on other websites, honest in-depth product reviews, and great giveaways.

This padded potty seat folds compact enough to take anywhere while providing the comfort and familiarity of the seat that your toddler uses at home.
This froggie traveler folding padded potty seat is thickly cushioned for comfort and safety.
Featuring large rubber pads overhang the front and sides, this potty seat provides security and stability.
It is the safe, sanitary, and convenient way to take the stress out of traveling- for your toddler and you.
This unique bandana shaped bib provides a safe and comfortably fit closer to your child’s chin than any other bib.
This amazing product allows you to replace the original bottle cap of any leading water and juice drink with ease and the bottle is ready for no-spill drinking. This product is great for keeping baby close and on your lap while in flight, but most importantly it is the first and only FAA Approved Flight Vest. This diaper bag also serves as a has a handy insulated snack bag, changing pad, and is a baby carrier. When travel, folding potty seat also provides the comfort and familiarity of the seat that your toddler uses at home.
With this folding potty, your child can hold clean handles not dirty toilet bowl for added security.

Non slip, durable and comfortable, this unit features rubber base to help keep your child feel secure. It folds up easily for conveniently storing in a diaper bag, purse, or even the glove compartment. Adaptors for all the leading drink bottles included with each pack of No-Spill Bottle Caps.
Not to mention that there are a bunch of side pockets and interior and exterior pockets that are great for bottles or sippy cups and other storage.
It comes with four large rubber pads to grip toilet seat and extended overhangs on front of toilet seat for stability. If you’re a regular reader I love you just the same and thanks for stopping by and sharing this post with friends and family members.
This product allows your child to play, nap, and nurse while in flight which proves for a happier, safer child all-around.

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