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I am asked this question by many parents -they all want to know whether to start potty training boys to urinate standing up or sitting down.
While there is definitely no right or wrong way to potty train a boy, most potty training experts will recommend that toddler boys should be potty trained sitting down. The major reason for this recommendation is to keep things simple by teaching them to sit for both urination and bowel movements. Once he completely potty trained, then training him to pee standing up like his father and brothers!! Most parents would agree that potty training your toddler son includes not only teaching him to urinate in a potty or toilet, but also to make bowel movements in the potty or toilet. So, then if you decide to teach your son to pee standing up, you will have to teach him to have a bowel movement sitting down - that means teaching your son two different things.
It starts with body awareness and the ability to associate a feeling of fullness with the need to eliminate and the result i.e. So, from your child's perspective you are already asking him to do a lot - and by trying to teach your child to stand while urinating and sit while having a bowel movement, you are asking him to only learn and identify the feeling of fullness, but to differentiate the two feeling and make a decision to sit or stand. Having said that, bowel movements usually occur with urination, and if you child is sitting down to urinate, he may have a bowel movement at the same time and thus make the whole potty training process a lot easier. Having said all this, by the age of two and half or three, children become interested in the concepts of gender and boys will begin to imitate their fathers or older brothers.
Last, but not least, if your child is in day care, then make sure that you are teaching him the same way that they are teaching him.
How to Potty Train - The Five Potty Training Methods - select one that works for you and your son! Potty Training Methods - more details on the various methods, including training methods by experts such as Dr. July 9, 2013 by Whitney I am so excited that Kynlee is finally showing interest in using the potty once again!
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Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends encouraging & teaching toddler boys to urinate sitting down.
Other reasons include the logistics involved in managing the equipment for both types of training and the effort required to clean up while they learn to aim properly. Once he completely potty trained for both and is accident free, then I would recommend training him to pee standing up like his father and brothers!! And for bowel movement training, you will have to teach your toddler son to sit down on a potty or the toilet. Since the toddler is just learning, his aim will be off and initially he may also probably also dribble, so there is a good chance of over spray and mess. So, you may find that your child wants to be like daddy or like his older brother and will insist that he urinate while standing and not sitting.
Some day cares insist on teaching boys to urinate standing and so make sure that both of you are teaching him the same thing!! This awareness starts at about age 1 and until now (for the last 1-2 years), when you child has this feeling, he simply goes ahead and eliminates in his diaper or pull ups. For this reason, if you may decide to teach your son to stand when urinating, you will want him to learn in the bathroom. Each time your child successfully uses the potty you can mark the potty chart with a sticker or marker. The following potty training chart print best on standard A4 paper.
But let’s be honest – I am SO ready to not have to change diapers for two kids all day long! Now you want him to learn that when he has this feeling he has to stop and find his way to the potty. Or do you just leave them there because it is more convenient, but will be harder to clean?
Be prepared to do some extra cleaning in the bathroom and around the toilet bowel for a while until your toddler learns to aim. Mark the potty chart with a sticker or marker each time your kid uses the potty successfully. The high back will provide support for the child's back and the splash guard in front will prevent messes.
So far today, we’ve only changed one diaper and that was this morning after she woke up.

Then he has to remove his clothing and then sit or stand on the potty depending on which feeling he has and then eliminate. To help her stay excited, I created a Minnie Mouse Potty Chart and wanted to share it with all of you :).
He had tried a couple months ago and nothing came out so we had explained he is too little to stand up still (he's very VERY tiny for his age).
You can take it further like rewards for flushing potty, washing hands after potty and even give certificate for being potty trained star.Ginsey Dora Potty Reward Stickers pack has everything you will need.
Anyway, he's been standing up to pee all day and only once did he go out of the toilet because his sister startled him. It includes over 70 colorful stickers, progress chart and potty training completion certificate. These should act as great motivator for child during potty training.Watch video for Potty Training in just 3 days2.
Colorful reminder reward can surely help in this regard.Potty Time Reminder Watch help kids remind about potty time by playing music and lights. We tried training her with no luck (we didn't force her but encouraged and asked her if she had to go).
Then one day when she was 3 she took her pull ups off, handed them to me and said "I'm done with these now, I'm a big girl". Piggy Bank – Give your child a quarter and let him put it in a cute piggy bank every time he goes for pee or potty. This will make potty time more fun with child looking for you attention to use piggy bank and toilet (of course).5.
Candy Time – Kids love sweet candy and you can effective use them as rewards during potty training. Simple rule: reward is given after the activity is done while bribe is a pre-condition for doing specific activity.

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