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Sometimes I don't give DK books too much credit, but my son has had a few of their other books, and they have brought him a lot of joy.
Big Boys Use the Potty - Potty Book is designed to get your little boy excited about potty training. These are touched on briefly, but my son did take notice of all of these things, which I like. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I like how the little boy's teddy bear tries out his potty first, which encourages Charlie to try himself.

I also like how the bear does have an accident, but the book says, "That's OK, Teddy Bear," and explains that though we might have accidents, the important part is that we try our best. The way it's worded, I feel it is reassuring to a tot, and my son certainly repeats that page over and over. If you're looking for something more instructional, I'd skip this book; however, if you're looking for something relatable and reassuring, you might give this book a try! My 22 month old son enjoyed the book but really loves the included sticker chart and stickers. This book is even better because the stickers are large enough for him to place on chart by himself and the book has all the photos and instructions for a proper potty-going.

After "choosing which potty" the story describes the process step-by step -- from sitting down to wiping to washing hands.
My "nephew's" father isn't in the picture and so "daddy" or "dad" isn't part of his experience.

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