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Between her time spent working in the fashion industry and her love for party planning, Kelly is constantly in search of that hot new idea! The first birthday of any child is always very special, and is looked forward to by the parents. This first birthday dress is perfect for a first birthday party, as it is very colorful and cheerful, with huge and bright dots that seem to smile at people. If you are holding a huge, formal celebration for your daughter’s first birthday, you may want to consider this gorgeous and elegant lace dress for her. For your little girl’s first birthday party, a simple dress like this can make her look like a beautiful princess. This entry was posted in For Kids and tagged 1st birthday dress, 1st birthday dresses, birthday dress, birthday dresses, birthday dresses for girls, birthday dresses for toddlers, first birthday dress, first birthday dresses. It is common to have various parties on your summer holiday, since many people feel dull in such a long time holiday and they want to have fun at parties. For the first occasion, you are the inviter, you should consider more details about your own birthday party. In the meantime, if you are the invitee, you should also know some rules when attending other people’s birthday parties.
Don’t you just love those first signs of Fall?!  The rich autumn colors, the chunky sweaters, and a whole new season worth of parties to plan!

The highlight of the party will definitely be these charming owl cupcakes!  Start with a chocolate iced cupcake, add a couple of oreo halves cream side up, two junior mints for eyes, and a Runts banana candy for the nose.  So cute, and perfect for our Fall theme!
She founded The Party Dress ~ Inspirations from the Well-Heeled Hostess in 2009 while in desperate search for a creative outlet, which was expanded into a quarterly magazine in 2011.
Along with preparations for your little girl’s birthday party, you are probably already browsing through the possible first birthday dress. The cut is just right for a little girl, with a ballooning skirt that will make her appear more like a princess! It has no frills and does not come with a lot of embellishments so the child will appear very clean, elegant, and stylish, especially with the satin material.
Since you are the core of the party, your birthday dress needs to be shiny and amazing which will make people feel impressive and at the very first sight of your dress, they can clearly know that you are the heart of the party, you are the only one we look in the crowd. Your birthday dress need to be in low key, since you are not the hero of the party and you should keep your birthday dress in common.
The additional bright red sash with the large 3D flower is eye-catching and serves as a beautiful accent. Perhaps you should also consider the kind of party you are having as well as your child’s personality even as a baby. What you like to dress in daily life may not suit for the parties you will go, especially for birthday party.

So no matter what style you choose, the sequins, beaded elements, and rhinestones can be your choices. Moreover, the patch of balloons on one side of the built-in belt with the words “BIRTHDAY GIRL” is very fitting for the occasion. However, if your little girl has very sensitive skin, you might not want to go with this dress because the lace can possibly cause rashes if rubbed against the baby’s arms or legs. What’s great about this first birthday dress is that it is available in six colors: pink, black, red, white, ivory, and brown. When you are choosing a dress for birthday party, there is a more important element you should make it clear, that is: you are the inviter or invitee.
Nevertheless, the design is adored by many moms because this first birthday dress makes their little girls look like miniature ladies. Other factors you can take into account are the prices, material, and posted reviews online.

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