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I had the nicest tech who really wanted to "help" me out by getting a gender clue at my NT scan.
Please remind me of why I can't go shopping off this potty shot???Do girls really look like this at 13 weeks or is that not really true? The funny thing is that for most of the 5 minutes she spent looking at the potty area (she was very persistent LOL!) it appeared much flatter than this, and the 3 lines you can see even in this pic were consistently there. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Boys can appear to have lines too, if I pause my son's ultrasound just right he totally looks like a girl. Did you tell the tech you didn't want to know by chance?And I agree, cannot make out any gender in these :(But congrats on baby! Whether your child's a social butterfly or more reserved, you can help him develop social skills. The "bulge" between the legs doesn't look THAT big to me, not compared to some 13w potty shots that went on to be confirmed boys, and the whole time we were seeing 3 equal long lines.

I even mused to her out loud, "It looks relatively flat." She said it's hard to tell at this age and was not planning on giving me a pic, but I asked for one (ugh, wish I hadn't!) And I was surprised with how different the printed pic looked from what we saw during the scan. Fully height-adjustable so little one can be right by your side, and rotates 360° to make it easy to get in and out of bed. I figure I will pay to have another elective ultrasound done, just curious if any other mamas have had a boy potty shot with the legs that close together.
On screen it looked relatively flat but the pic she printed has got a lot of people telling me all boy. If girls look different at 13 weeks than my pic, why don't techs guess on gender at 13 weeks? She had moved the transducer a bit so it almost looked like the screen shot she took was taken from further back on baby's bum - when she took it less further back, it was pretty darn flat, rounded with three little lines. Lol then when I go back and see my previous ultrasounds at 13 weeks I realize I don't have a potty shot.
My baby's nub looks much flatter than DS's did at this stage, too so I am not buying it (might be wishing and praying on my end, but I will take it).

Similar thing is seen in my DD's 15w1d scan video - looks like a big 3-lined protrusion half the time, but that tech froze when it was shortened and said girl. So after checking all of the organs (which were perfect ) she did a quick one shot, it's a boy. So later looking at the picture, the legs are pretty close together and there is no defined penis, but there is this circle I originally figured was the scrotum. I am sorting and trying to get rid of DD stuff (since this will be our last), and I decide to take another look at the ultrasound photos since I was a little unsure before.
And the second, there is no way that circle could be a scrotum with how far back it is (unless it was so random angle).

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