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Though it is clear that the majority of women worldwide and throughout history have nursed their children into toddlerhood and beyond, women who choose to do so today may face an uninformed and frequently critical audience. Jessica, I am currently bf a child who will be three in a week (well, not literally right now!) and I cannot imagine a more unnecessary faff than expressing and handing him a cup when it's all there ready to go in my boob. I can say this is all true in my 3 year olds case, never had ear infection, eyes like a hawk, eats anything, lean and strong and very independent and secure. I, too, can attest to the fact that my little girl is reaping all of the benefits (still) of my choice to extendedly nurse her.
I have to say that I am a mother of almost 2 year old son and this is my first of 5 children I have nursed past 1 year. Bottlefeeding a breastfed baby, whilst preserving the nursing relationship, is not always possible.
Although it’s not ideal, there are situations in which introducing a bottle is the most convenient way to deal with having somebody else feed your child. Here are my top tips for successfully bottlefeeding a breastfed baby whilst preserving the nursing relationship.
Guidelines state that it is best not to introduce any artificial teat – bottles, soothers and the like – until breastfeeding is established. Of course, if it really is essential that your baby accepts a bottle, introduce one for the first time at around the 4-6 week mark, providing that there are no breastfeeding issues. Now; there are a variety of ‘breast-like’ bottles on the market, all of them promising to be ‘just like mum’ and to allow the baby to ‘latch in the same way as with breastfeeding’. When we were dealing with bottle refusal, we tried every single freaking bottle and teat on the market.
Use the same principles as you would with breastfeeding when bottlefeeding a breastfed baby.
Watch them carefully whilst you feed them, and allow them to spit the teat out if they wish.
Remember that, with breastmilk, the amount that they take over time doesn’t change very much at all – the composition does. If you are partially bottlefeeding your breastfed baby, it’s very important to remember that if you skip feeds, your supply will suffer. You may find that your baby is happy to switch from breast to bottle and back again quite happily with no hint of laziness or nipple confusion. What are your top tips for preserving the nursing relationship whilst partially bottlefeeding a breastfed baby? Tips For Getting Your Breastfed Baby To Take A Bottle, Whether Mom Is Needed A Night Out Or Is Going Back To Work. Make sure you wait to give your baby a bottle until your milk supply is well established and baby is latching on and nursing well, especially if you plan on continuing to breastfeed. Having said that, here are some tips to help your breastfed baby learn to take a bottle so mom can get a little break! Introducing a bottleThe best way to make this transition is to introduce a bottle containing the breast milk that your baby is accustomed to. Breast pumpsIf possible, using your own breastmilk in a bottle is best for baby -- and a breast pump is a neccessity.
Battery operated breast pumps are less expensive than electric models, but you will need to replace your batteries regularly so allow for that when you are costing out.
Baby formulaIf you plan on stopping breastfeeding and start formula feeding, start by mixing the bottle with half breastmilk and half formula to help baby get used to the taste. Infant formula takes longer to digest than breast milk so three things will change once you have made the switch. Baby bottlesIf your baby won’t take one bottle, try a different brand or a different nipple.
What about nipple confusion?What should you do if your baby no longer wants to breastfeed after being fed by bottle?
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My supply is pretty solid, but I pump and bottle feed more than actual nursing so he should be getting plenty of hind milk since I pump until nothing domes out.
My LO had bright green poop for a few weeks and his pedi said its totally ok as long as it is still "seedy." It just this week went back to mustardy. Whether being silly, throwing a tantrum, or banging a drum, your child may seem like a revved-up ball of energy with an uncanny ability to keep going and going.
Many 21-month-olds are hearty and adventuresome diners, but plenty of others are quite picky.
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Breast milk is a like a miracle milk :)I breastfed my daughter since birth and she is now 20 months, she never had any ear infection or flu (she never even had a flu shots since birth) and she started to use the potty at 15 months,her language developed so early,very independent and confident,not a picky eater.thank you for this diagram,love it a lot!
These jaw movements are specific to suckling at the breast and are not replicated when bottle feeding.
However much easier and more convenient it would be to be able to nurse your baby from the breast at all times, in our modern world there will come a time when most breastfed babies will need to take a bottle.
Good examples are if the mother needs to return to work, or if the baby needs to be supplemented with donor milk or formula milk. Some babies suffer from nipple confusion easily, or become lazy at the breast with only a small amount of bottlefeeding. If you have to return to work when your baby is just a couple of months old, and you will be away for extended periods of time, a bottle is the easiest option.
At the very earliest, 6 weeks (although most mother and baby pairs are best off leaving it until at least the 8 week mark). You want to bottlefeed them enough so that they accept it as an alternative method of feeding, but you don’t want them to become so familiar that they begin to prefer it.
Sure, some of them look a bit like a breast, but that doesn’t mean that they work like one.
I actually find it quite amusing that my exclusively breastfed baby owned more bottles than the average bottlefed baby!
The teat has two parts – an inner teat and an exceedingly soft and yielding outer teat – much softer and more breast-like than any other teat I’ve come across. When your baby breastfeeds, they are completely in control of the milk flow and it certainly doesn’t gush out (other than at letdown of course).
Offer the teat as you would the nipple – let it brush against their cheek or top lip, and let them root and ‘latch on’ to it rather than just shoving it in there. Hold the baby in a slight incline, and if the bottle allows, turn them so they are facing slightly inwards.
So if you’re feeding your baby your own expressed breastmilk, don’t expect them to take the same amount that formula fed babies of the same age would. As a breastfeeding mom and speech therapist, I strongly suggest going with bottles with disposable liners. However you may be going back to work, taking a trip or you just need a break or a night out and are ready to teach your breastfed baby to take a bottle.
Every little bit of breastmilk benefits baby, so even if you plan on letting dad or the babysitter give your baby a bottle, try to also breastfeed as long as possible or pump breastmilk to be fed to baby in a bottle. To fill a bottle, you will need to express your milk and a breast pump is a very handy device to have for that.
The latter is handy as you can make up a small amount without opening a can and wasting formula you won’t use. Drinking from a bottle uses different muscles than breastfeeding, and babies might get used to how fast milk comes out of the bottle and will then have a hard time going back to breastfeeding.
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You wind up dealing for any mafia and outrageous people that choose to take advantage of you actually. I am currently a college student preparing a presentation for a class and I choose Toddler Nursing.
I pumped once a day until 6 months and was able to have my sister drive to meet me in the parking lot at school on my lunch break for another feed each day. Of course, there are other ways to give milk to a baby – even very young babies can become accustomed to cup, syringe or spoon feeding – but there are some situations in which it is more convenient to give bottles, and so the mother may wish to try this before resorting to a cup or syringe. This risk is something you should take very seriously when making the decision to introduce a bottle to your breastfed baby.
Also, if you are forced to substantially supplement with donor or formula milk, using a bottle will certainly be less frustrating for you both – IF you can make it work. Again, I must stress that if it is not vitally important that your baby takes a bottle, it is very wise to leave the bottle introduction until much later.

Essentially, all bottles work on the same principle – the baby sucks on it and the milk comes out.
If you end up dealing with bottle refusal, you will try a myriad of different bottles and teats. The baby has to squeeze the teat as well as suck in order to get any milk out, which makes this bottle much more similar to the breast than any others I know of.
Giving the baby a faster flow teat, even if they are old enough for it, is a very good way to end up with a lazy nurser, a fussy nurser or worse – a baby that decides they prefer the bottle over mum’s breast altogether.
Ensure they have a deep latch – the last thing you want is for them to suck on the end of the teat like a straw, and then try to do the same to your boobs next time you nurse! This makes it a more natural experience for them (although some breastfed babies may not tolerate being quite so close to the real thing!). Do not take your decision to introduce a bottle lightly, and bear in mind that it may cause trouble for your nursing relationship.
When I pumped and worked with my oldest daughter, I worried my daycare would try to feed her like the formula fed babies.
They let in much less air than regular bottles and are more similar to the breast in this way. Fill it with water and hold it upside down-the water should NOT drip out (or at the very least-drip out VERY slowly). You may also want to quit nursing in the daytime, but continue to nurse your child before bed.
Just follow the directions on the container.Be confident that commercially prepared formula will meet your baby's nutritional needs. When she had her first girl eight years ago, she says that when she made the switch from breast feeding to bottle feeding it was relatively easy.
If this happens and you want to continue breastfeeding, hold off on bottle feeding until baby is a little older (at least 4 weeks old) and try again. It just type of looks at a number of differerent things that tend to be around It is certainly kind of far more take new music with me, nevertheless it appears to be far more auparavant to other consumers because they find myself as a this kind of weirdo. I personally have fun playing the funniest and quite a few different, private, unusual, special information I am able to get hold of at the clearly show. In case another individual would likely take action, might be I will stop trying and also ingest light beer upon Weekend times. My daughter was admitted to the children's ward a few weeks ago and a night staff nurse decided that the timing was right to debate breastfeeding, commenting that breastfeeding past 1 year was of no nutritional benefit - gah! Many babies will happily take a bottle even if it is not introduced until later – and if you struggle, there are many ways you can encourage them to take it. However, it is usually wisest to start your baby off on a breast-like bottle to begin with – not only will they usually find it easier to take to, they will probably find it easier to switch back. Monkey, who was partially bottlefed from the age of 4 months, was on the slowest-flow newborn teat until he was past the age of 10 months old – and even then he only went up to the 3+ month size. The way the baby gets the milk is very different, as is the milk receptacle and the position the baby is held in… the list goes on.
In addition to this, you (or, if appropriate, the person feeding the baby) can strip your top half and the baby down before a feed so the baby can experience the skin-to-skin contact that they would be getting whilst breastfeeding.
Each baby is different and this process will require some planning and patience on your part, but following our tips will help take the stress out introducing a bottle to your breastfed baby. It relieves engorgement, you can have extra breast milk on hand to freeze and thaw later and if you need to increase your breast-milk supply, this will do the trick. I'm your bugs of culture require an wall plug, climax unique using the world-wide-web now Radio stations also meets an intention as well as it crucial that you people to get a local store to your pesky insects around the world. My son mostly feeds early morning (when he comes and gets in bed with us so I don't have to move anywhere) and he feeds to sleep. I have learned so many reasons to back up my choice to toddler nurse and not put a limit or timeframe on stopping. Of course, if your baby does become confused or lazy at the breast, it doesn’t mean that breastfeeding is over and done with – these things can usually be reversed.
If the baby just chews on the teat, allow them to do so – they may start to suckle spontaneously. This is what can cause a baby to prefer a bottle – it’s much easier for them to get the milk out.
One important difference between bottle and breastfeeding is that, with bottlefeeding, the baby has less control over how much milk they receive. Syringe pumps allow for controlled pressure while many trigger pumps allow for one-handed pumping.
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Good luck to all the other new Moms:) My daughter still wakes to feed every 2-3hrs, but she eats lots, loves every food, sleeps well, and is extremely active, out spoken and independent. If you don’t have to return to work until your baby is older, or if your motivation to introduce a bottle is something that can be postponed, consider waiting until your child is old enough to drink the milk from a sippy cup (of course, by this point, you may end up dealing with nursing laziness but nipple confusion is unlikely).
I'm Canadian and am very lucky to have the support of my partner whose from West Africa.
I'm telling you, when you nurse your child into toddlerhood, you start to notice the ways they are different (excellingly different) than their peers.

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