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TweetI fully understand how difficult potty training can be, I have been through it with 2 kids already and my third will start in a matter of weeks. I grew tired of hardly ever getting to put stickers on the potty training charts my girls would have… for that reason I created a potty training chart that my kids are sure to excel at. The wonderful thing about this chart is that it is a potty training chart for boys and girls, it is printable, it provides a way to reward your children when they do well and it’s free! When my son ditched the diapers and graduated to the toilet, I celebrated with a well-deserved dessert and a glitzy night on the town! But for Shawna Kilpatrick, a mom of two, all it took was three days to diaper freedom with her two-year-old daughter. The three-day method requires scheduling three days of no plans at home and watching your child for signs.
While many children can be potty trained within three days, some kids take a few weeks, and others are simply not ready so will seem to take longer.

Children must show physical signs of readiness and be able to recognize a feeling of fullness in the bladder or rectum.
Children also need to be able to stop what they’re doing, like playing, watching a screen or looking at a book and go to the bathroom. In fact, it took several attempts over the course of months to fully potty train my resistant child. Shawna followed Lora Jensen’s Three Day Potty Training method, a popular potty training guide available only online.
First, have your child help you throw all of the diapers in the garbage so they know that there is no going back (use a clean garbage bag and donate them). For girls this happens between the ages of 18–30 months and for boys usually between 24–36 months.
There is no set age for potty-training success, but your child should be showing emotional and physical readiness.

When you see the first sign of them needing to go, or if they start to go by accident, take them to the potty so they can finish there. Shawna and her husband would take turns taking their four-year-old daughter out of the house so their little one wasn’t distracted. The second day she had two accidents and by the third day, her daughter had just one accident.
Without Being the Parent You Hate!, says developmentally, kids need to have several skills before they can potty train. While many kids show interest by the age of two, others may not be ready until closer to three.

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