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This complex problem generally is caused by a combination of individual and environmental factors. Last year, Phoenix Children's physicians and staff evaluated 393 cases of neglect and abuse, 150 physical abuse cases, 189 cases of neglect and 104 substance exposed newborns. At the event, officials presented children's shoes commemorating the death or disability of victims of child abuse. The shoes donated to the "Children's March on Child Abuse" will be displayed at Phoenix Children's throughout April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month.
Reaching 20,000 parents each year, the Shaken Baby Prevention Project provides new and expectant parents, the general public, and healthcare providers with information about the dangers of shaking babies, including tips for calming a crying baby (since most shaking incidents are precipitated by inconsolable crying), and ways to cope with parental stress. Phoenix Children's Hospital has provided hope, healing and the best healthcare for children and families since 1983. In my free time, I enjoy writing poetry and children's stories, being in nature, and watching The Wonder Years. I was born and raised in San Diego, California, and feel madly in love with God on those shores. Even though it is difficult to understand the true scope of child abusea€”studies have found that only one third of child abuse is reported, for example[1]a€”the reports that are available, however conservative in nature, paint a horrific picture.
Millions of children across America are suffering: crying out in desperate need.A  Has the Church heard their cries?

The needs created by the problem of child abuse are vast, and the Church is in a remarkable position to be able to respond to these needs. This is not to suggest that the Church is not already responding.A  Organizations like Marie Fortunea€™s Faith TrustA Institute and the evangelical Royal Family Kids Camp are good examples. I have been wondering what it might look like for all churchesa€”if even for a yeara€”decided to respond collectively to the most victimized population in the United States: if every church in America dedicated some of its energies to creating a campaign against child abuse in response to the needs of abused children. While I was writing my book about fallen pastors, I ran into a few pastors who had found a way to restore their ministry. Jonathan, I'm sorry to hear you feel so misunderstood- I know how frustrating that can be, on a smaller scale.
Recent comments by presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann have stirred up the discussion about gay marriage once again.
While recently visiting a (Won) Buddhist temple, I heard one practitioner refer to Jesus as a Buddha. I sat in the ministera€™s office on a Wednesday night, nervous with my parents seated on either side of me.
A little while ago, I had a very deep conversation with some friends about women in the church.
While most abuse does not result in fatalities, a number of other serious problems are often caused by the maltreatment of children.

Phoenix Children's medical staff, Valley families, caregivers, paramedics, fire and police officers, families and friends also donated shoes, along with a letter, note, or poem in honor or memory of an abused child.
A These children are sleeping underneath blankets of fear, walking to school in dread, and playing on the street corners we pass by on our way home from work: crying out in desperate need. In addition to meeting the needs of abused children, it seems that such a campaign would be an excellent way for the Fragmented Body of Christ to become more unifieda€”and could also serve as a catalyst for interfaith dialogue and collaboration.A  Theological and sociopolitical issues aside, certainly we can agree that this epidemic necessitates a more comprehensive response, and that the Church has the power and responsibility to meet the needs of those that are suffering. What kind of society is ours when children are the most victimized populationa€“and they are suffering, often in a screaming silence, amidst so much wealth and affluence?
In addition to physical and emotional pain, the after effects of abuse include school problems, teenage runaways, teen pregnancy, prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency, and an ongoing cycle of family violence.
A Perhaps we can all agree with Dietrich Bonheoffer when he said, a€?the ultimate test for a moral society is the kind of world it leaves for its childrena€?.
A To help them move into, in both their interior worlds and their social circumstances, a lived experience of Goda€™s love.
Next time, wait until you have more than a rant if you truly want to call people to action.

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