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Most parents worry about whether they will bond with their baby, but this is especially true for parents expecting twins or more.
If you’re preoccupied with baby budgeting, you may not be in the mood for a mammoth shopping expedition. At the moment, you are eating, breathing and (not) sleeping pregnancy, but one day it will be a distant memory. You’ve heard all the warnings and you know that kids can drown in as little as one inch of water. Although it will be a while before your baby is writing her name, you may be wondering if she will be a righty or a lefty. Barefoot Birth is a birth service company specializing in concierge home birth services, personalized prenatal care, doula support, childbirth education, massage therapy, postpartum support,  professional birth photography, and acts as a resource for expecting families. View details on Facebook.  Please note you do not need a facebook account to view the event as it is publicly listed. The Milky Way is an eye-opening documentary about breastfeeding and an expose of the pervasive formula marketing in America.
In defiance of nearly a hundred years of medical procedures that routinely separated babies from their mothers, and medical advice informing women that their milk was not good enough, The Milky Way captures how mothers can access their inner knowledge, trust their babies and their own body’s wisdom, and why they should. Together with Babies R Us, I will be holding an information session at the Peabody store on what a doula is, what a doula does, and why a doula is beneficial for you an your partner.  Pregnant ladies and their support persons as well as people interested in becoming a doula are invited.
Come discuss and learn about the fertility awareness method with other mothers who are currently, or who have previously, used it with success. July 5, 2013 By Debbie Well, it all started around 5am, actually exactly at 5am on July 3rd, 2013.
It was around 10am that I had dilated to 4cm (or close enough) and the anesthetist was called to give me the epidural – oh how I loved the epidural!!
It was after Becky had started her shift that I stalled around 5cm dilation, and Becky (well the doc sent the message) said we were to begin pitocin to speed up the process. At first I was upset about possibly needing a C Section, that I’d somehow failed in my task to deliver naturally. I was started on meds to bring down my temperature as well as antibiotics in-case I was developing an infection. Finally it was time to have the doctor come, you know to catch the baby and give us a giant sized bill afterward, doctor. Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of our new posts by email! Check out our other Blog - AFRICA'S BLOG, for recipes, news from Disney, Product Reviews and Giveaways!! Still, I knew moving would help Little Girl settle into a good position for birth so my husband and I took a walk while parents stayed home with our napping son.
With only the glow of the computer screen illuminating the tiny space, I sat on the desk’s rolling stool while my husband held me from behind. Meanwhile in what I think was an unnecessary moment of panic the poor nurse hit the code button.
About LauraWife, stay at home mom, music educator, and bassoonist, Laura Ankrum lives in Iowa City, Iowa. It’s understandable to be a little freaked out by the news that you are expecting two or more babies, and bonding may be just one of your worries at the moment.
Whether you’re saving for that top of the range pram, or trying to minimise your spending, you may be trying to pick up maternity clothes at bargain prices. As those nine months edge slowly by, you may struggle to remember what life was like before pregnancy.
That means an unlocked toilet seat, a forgotten bucket, and the bathtub can all pose a risk if you’re not watching. It is quite often one fraught with worry and anxiety, as you try to find the right daycare for your child.
You want him to grow up and do something extraordinary, to find somebody who truly loves him and to find an occupation he enjoys. The best part is that my husband's feelings about a home birth completely changed and we are both planning on another with Charlie for our next child. It is a film that inspires women to say, “I can do that!” “I want to do that!” Our mission is to elevate the nursing mother to a place in society where she receives all the necessary support to nurse her child, where scientific evidence overrides marketing influences, and a woman does not fear nursing in public. I will be there answering questions and chatting about breastfeeding.  Come play some games, win some prizes and enter in for some giveaways.  Sure to be fun for everyone!
Whether you are looking for an alternate means of contraception, trying to conceive, or just curious, this is a great way to get in tune with and understand your body in an incredible way!
In my third trimester I began to fear, did a difficult pregnancy mean a more difficult birth?
Since my contractions were fairly mild we had a lovely time walking, talking, and daydreaming about becoming a family of four. I cherish the time my husband and I shared during both my labors.

As I got ready for bed I made peace with having to wait at least another day to meet our baby girl.
Contractions started consistently coming 3 to 4 minutes apart and there was certainly no talking through them now. My active labor definitely started after my water broke and the fetal monitor confirmed my contractions were strong and steady. When my midwife checked me I was only 3cm dilated and still had same effacing to do.
When a contraction came he put pressure on my back and I leaned into him as I tried to let each rush come over me and do its work. Prior to the arrival of her little boy Laura taught elementary music and band in the Boston area.
This is devastating enough when it’s the remote for your new hi-fi system, but what about when it’s that new dust bunny from under the sofa?
You may feel nervous about leaving your baby with strangers, and feel worried about how your baby (and you!) will cope with the separation. There is something about walking with a long time friend and couple you truly adore as they embark on their special journey into parenthood that is profoundly moving and extra special. The hardest part of my pregnancy (besides actually pushing out a baby) was dealing with the reactions from friends and family after telling them about our home birth plans. Things started to feel directional and very low, like Little Girl was settling into my pelvis.
I wanted to mentally and physically preserve my strength because contractions were relentless and I thought I had a long way to go. To witness your friend find their strength as a woman, and then as a mother is a beautiful, poignant thing! I also lucked out with a very supportive husband who, despite the fact that he preferred a hospital birth, supported my decision. We show how women can reclaim their birthright and return the nursing mother to her natural and crucial role in our society. With a lot of prayer and positive thinking I began to turn my fears into grateful anticipation.
You also learn to be truly thankful for each contraction because each contraction brings you closer to finally meeting your baby. I fought the feeling of disappointment and mentally started buckling down for what I thought would be a long haul. I so badly wanted some tools, like a birthing ball and squat bar, to help me manage the pain but we had to get creative and make due while we waited for our room. My husband turned off the lights and put on our labor playlist of relaxing music. One shot was pitocin to help my uterus clamp down, I don’t remember what the other shot was.
I don't feel that I could have stood my ground against the opposition without his support, so I'm grateful for that. We seek to bring back the community of mothers and change the way women support each other. With my firstborn son, Triple A, I was due July 13th and surprisingly enough Little Girl’s due date was July 14th. The other doctors on the code team were anxious to examine our baby so my husband cut her cord and followed as they took Little Girl to the other side of the room for examination. I got out of bed and more fluid rushed out. Having my water break at home was new territory for me.
I turned on the heated seat, braced myself with the door handle, closed my eyes, and listened to the Mozart symphony playing on our stereo as I breathed through the contractions. She wasn’t crying as vigorously as the code team wanted so they poked and suctioned her until she started to wail.
For my mom, nervous is putting it mildly; she would literally cry and beg me to have a hospital birth almost every time we talked. Women’s stories, leading lactation professionals, archival footage, religious iconography, and formula advertisements show how mothers’ authority was co-opted by medical professionals, and how they have been pressured to forfeit their nourishing breasts in favor of highly sexualized breasts. Still every pregnancy and baby are unique so I knew my daughter would have her own story to tell.
I thought about what they would encourage me to do… Relax my face, let out low moans, surrender to the rushes, and trust in my body and the natural process of birth.
It’s easy to tolerate someone poking and prodding you down below when you have a fresh baby to cuddle. My sister was also nervous and several of my close friends repeatedly voiced scary "what if" scenarios to me.It almost worked.
While I showered my hubby threw our sheets in the washer, told my mom that my water broke, and called labor & delivery to ask when we should go to the hospital.
I reminded myself that the pain had a purpose, that each contraction brought us closer to meeting our Little Girl.
They said that if contractions consistently picked up I should go ahead and come, otherwise they wanted me to come within an hour or two from when my water broke.

I’m sure she read my chart that said I was just 3cm about  little over an  hour before and assumed that I had a ways to go. In an attempt to calm my mom's nerves, I asked her to come to an appointment to talk to the midwife, but she was firm about her feelings on the matter and chose not to open a dialogue. At my wits end, I contacted Charlie who reminded me that this was our (my husband's and my) choice and advised me not to share with anyone who wouldn't be supportive.If you walk away from this story with anything, walk away with that. While I'm sure their arguments comes from a place of love and concern, they will completely forget that this is YOUR baby and YOUR body, and they will try to convince you to do what THEY would do.
If a home birth is truly what you want and you trust yourself and your midwife, don't share your plans with anyone who won't support you or be prepared to tell the people you love to shut up.Once I took Charlie's advice, I felt more confident in my decision. I did start to get nervous as my due date approached, but I think that's normal for home or hospital births. It probably didn't help that I had waited until the last minute to take any birth classes and my birth instructor wasn't able to meet with me as planned. A few days before my water broke, I had set up an appointment with another birth coach for one the following week.
At around 3:30 AM on a Sunday, two weeks before my due date, I woke up because I thought I'd wet the bed. I got up to go to the bathroom, dripping all the way, figuring I'd lost control of my bladder -- a really fun regular occurrence at all the most inconvenient times during my pregnancy. In hindsight, I think I lost my mucus plug the night before in the shower, but I didn't worry about it because you can lose it several days to weeks before you actually go into labor. Oh, I also had diarrhea, which I later read is an indication that you're about to pop out a dang ol' baby so your body empties your bowels! Pregnancy is just a wonderful mess of fluids and discharges.I called my midwife who advised me to eat, feel for fetal movement, and to call her if I didn't feel baby move.
Baby started moving, but I wasn't having contractions so she advised me to go back to sleep.
I don't take OTC's and I didn't drink while pregnant, so a sleeping pill or wine were not options. Instead, I woke up my husband so he could call out of work and we stayed up, both shaky and excited about the baby coming.
Charlie planned to come by around 9 AM unless my contractions followed the 4-1-1 rule before then.Charlie showed up, checked to see how dilated I was (3-4 cm), and told me to rest some more because my contractions were still all over the place. I didn't know what she meant by that because you have down time between contractions, right? Yes, you have a period of rest between contractions, but whereas I could talk before, now, in between contractions, I could only nod my head in response. It wasn't pain, it was just like "this is my down time after feeling like I'm wearing a belt of fire and knives so STFU kthx."So, Charlie came back and started filling up the birth tub. At this point, I had vomited twice, which I was initially freaked out about because I'd never heard about that happening during labor from any of my mom friends. The good news is, Charlie told me that vomiting stimulates the uterus, so while it's not fun, it's good for birthin'. While waiting for the tub to fill, I walked around the house, leaning on things, moaning about how bad it hurt. But I was determined to have a completely natural birth and I'm really glad I stuck to that. He'd hold up my head so I could lean back in the tub, made sure I ate and drank to keep up my strength, and cooled me off with cold compresses. He's pretty great, I think I'll keep him around.Charlie told me I would know when it was time to push because it would feel like I had to poop. Starting around 3:15 PM, I would push during a contraction and feel baby move forward, only to feel her slide back when I rested. Once I remembered to use my pelvic floor, I could hold her in place in between contractions.
It's a really weird feeling, but it gave me something to focus on and helped me to feel like things were progressing, since she was no longer sliding back.About 45 minutes - 1 hour later, I was holding my baby.
I have heard horror stories of long labors, so I'm so thankful that my entire process, from my water breaking to birthing her, took only 13 hours. The cord was wrapped around her neck, but Charlie unwrapped it with ease and I reached down to grab my screaming baby and bring her to my chest.
I didn't have to worry about holding her for too long before any doctors or nurses would whisk her away for this or that.
The midwives left the cord attached and uncut for several minutes while baby and I bonded, skin-to-skin.

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