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Specific activities that support gross motor development include running at different speeds, jumping rope, playing hopscotch, tossing and catching balls of different sizes, pitching bean bags, climbing in many different directions, pedaling riding toys, pulling wagons or toys, pushing toy strollers or brooms, and filling and emptying buckets and other containers.
Fine motor skills involve the careful control of small muscles in the hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Gross and fine motor skills are an essential tool that children use in the classroom, at home and on the playground. If you are looking for specific activities to use in your child care program, visit our database of Hands-on Activities for Child Care. Through play, children practice and perfect control and coordination of large body movements, as well as small movements of hands and fingers.

Controlling the muscles of the tongue and lips in order to speak or sing is also a fine motor skill.
Child care providers can support young children's motor development by planning play activities that provide children with regular opportunities to move their bodies. A crawling tunnel, ride-on car, or pull toy can help children practice large movements of their arms and legs. Child care providers can plan activities that encourage children's developing fine motor skills. Remember that board books are best for very young children, because the pages are sturdier and easier to manipulate.

When given ample opportunities to play with a variety of interesting materials, young children will grow many new and exciting ways.

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