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An ILO study shows child labour has declined for girls from households that had taken up the work guarantee programme Gopal, 12, is a class V dropout and worked in the quarries in Andhra Pradesh. M Radhika, daughter of a mat and basket weaver in Kurnool district, and her two sisters (the two brothers were excluded) carried head-loads of rubble from the quarries. These are 2010 numbers, the latest available, from Global Report and the number has surely gone up sharply since then. Though the report says further research is required, the initial findings suggest programmes such as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in India and the Public Safety Net Programme in Ethiopia have been successful in reducing child labour, at least among some groups of children. The survey, however, hastens to add that this is a preliminary finding and therefore the question whether the NREGS has avoided the pitfall of inducing households to substitute children for adults in domestic tasks remains as yet unanswered. The study, however, suggests that the public works programme combined with food security interventions actually increased working hours, and in the case of 6–10 year-old girls the increase was statistically significant, underscoring the potential drawbacks of such programmes from a child labour perspective.

I am Akash, professional designer expertise in Vector Designing, UI Design, Graphics and Blogging with an experience of +10 years. DezineGuide is a Blog dedicated to Graphic Designers and Web Developers giving them Professional Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Freebies, Inspirations and much more. In fact, they were extremely lucky since they were spotted by volunteers of MVF (Mamidipudi-Venkatarangaiya Foundation) in Andhra Pradesh, a partner organisation of the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour, an offshoot of the International Labour Office (ILO).
Of this, 115 million are involved in the worst forms of child labour, that includes practices akin to slavery, debt bondage, prostitution, etc.Only one in five working children is in paid employment while the overwhelming majority are unpaid family workers. Is this the society we are looking for?. An estimate count says that there are around 250 to 304 million children aged between 5-17 involved in any economic activity. MVF works to remove children from child labour and get them into school.Thousands of Gopals have never gone back to the quarries after joining school.

It is the best time when children can learn, study and can be guided for a better social society. After 6 pm, he washed slurry and each day he had blisters on his feet, so sore that he could hardly walk.

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