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As I watched the election coverage last night, it was fascinating to see that map of the United States transform to a mosaic of red and blue. Every year I have to reacquaint myself with our Electoral College system, where a state like Montana has 3 votes and Ohio has 18. Can I admit I’m so glad there are term limits on some of the parenting issues we go through with our children?
Whatever your political emotions are today, I hope you believe you have been appointed by the Most High into a position as important as an elected official with no term limits. CedarCreek MOMentum exists to connect mothers in all seasons by encouraging and supporting them, while guiding their hearts toward Christ. If you like this post, please leave a comment or share with friends to keep the discussion going. What is MOMentum?CedarCreek MOMentum exists to connect mothers in all seasons by encouraging and supporting them, while guiding their hearts toward Christ.
A glance in the mirror where I really saw how I looked this morning made that truth all too evident. I’d never vote back in to office “Four Feedings a Night” or “Chronic Colic.” How about “Potty Training for Life” or “8 Years of Puberty?”  Umm…no thanks.

There is absolutely no substitute for the service only you can give to your children, no matter their age. So while I had fun today thinking about how politics and motherhood collide, my constituents are calling, and I know well enough not to ignore their call. Join us at Perrysburg, West Toledo, Whitehouse South Toledo (PM only), or Findlay (PM only).
During the recent election coverage I saw a side-by-side picture of President Obama from four years ago and one from today. The moment you starting treating each child with the same expectations, punishment, discipline, you’ll drive yourself crazy. I’m not suggesting we pick a favorite kid and let them do what they want wildly and without reason, but I have found with my own two children that fair doesn’t always mean equal. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. We work day in and day out to understand their perspectives and sometimes we have to vote household legislation in to effect they may not like, but that is best for them in the long run.
Gray hairs, wrinkles, and a few bags under our eyes are just part of the story of motherhood. And while they can’t exactly vote us out of office, they can tune us out, disobey, and generally make life miserable when we don’t take time to listen to their concerns and opinions.

Another mom I know has a color assigned for each member of the family and buys outfits, cups, underwear, and backpacks based on the color. I’m guessing my side-by-side picture throughout would look similar to our Commander in Chief. One of my little ones can handle spontaneity better than another, and discipline doesn’t work the same for each child.
Politicians and moms all over this great nation know we can all benefit from a properly color-coded system. Raising our children with a love for the Lord is not easy work, and is absolutely as important as being President of the United States of America.

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