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Children’s immune systems are also on a different level than high school students, and who knows how well they wash their hands! Your role: Besides teaching your children to wash their hands properly (and we have tons of information on how to do that), ask your current children’s care provider what they do regarding germ “hot spots”.
Find a Coverall Support Center in your area to get more information on why cleaning on a germ level is an important part of facility management. Child Day Care Centers, Home daycare & family child care, Find child care, home daycare and child day care centers.
Our toddler curriculum is individually-tailored for your little one, based on their age and stage of development. Simply share this product with your friends and family and earn affiliate revenue for every purchase made.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. My StoryIn the fall of 1998, an idea came to me, “Start a Daycare.” Immediately after thethought entered my mind, I rejected it. The licensing process was not easy, but it was well worth the efforts of modifyingmy home to meet the local licensing regulations.
Is a Child Care Business the Right Business for You?You may have already made your decision to start a childcare business.

The web offers lots of useful information for parents looking for quality childcare; however, one thing that’s missing is the cleanliness of the daycare center (on a germ level).
For those reasons and others, kids tend to be little germ spreaders who pick up illnesses more easily than teens or adults.
Our experienced toddler-room teachers focus on enhancing social skills, building independence and boosting confidence. We only use your email to create an affiliate tracking account so we can pay you directly via PayPal. The toughest part of the processwas getting the approval of one of my neighbors.In the municipality where I lived, I was required to obtain consent from at least75% of my neighbors.
Furthermore, after operating my center for 8 years I decided to help othersstart-up and manage their daycare businesses through books, articles, start-upconsultations, webinars and classes at my center.After reading my story you may have noticed that starting up a childcare businesswill take the following: ? Sacrifice ? Determination ? Hard work ? The support of your family A Child Care Business is all ? Plenty of energy about the kids and their ? Faith!
Hands-on exploration and social interaction activities allow your toddler to reach their individual potential, while preparing for their success in preschool and beyond.
I stillbelieve to this day that the thought was an idea sent from God, because I had noprior childcare experience.
I must say that Iappreciate my husband and children for givingup their home for families in our community. I placed an ad in the local paper and two-weeks after placing the ad, all of myenrollment slots were full.

Furthering my educationOur entire living room and dining room was took my business todedicated to daycare space. So, I set an opening date of December 27, 1998 and Igave my employer a 30-day notice.It took so much faith for me to leave mycareer as a Registered Medical Assistant tostart a daycare in my home. There were Opening a Child Carethree-reasons why I decided to start a daycare Business is one of the bestand they are as follows: decisions that I have ever made in my life. The business went from a daycare to a preschool and Ichanged the name from Morgan Daycare to Learning Days.My instructors, Linda Freud and Genie Edward coached me, into providing qualitydevelopmentally appropriate practices in my daycare. As I began to learn manynew practices, I wanted to go to another level.That next level was Accreditation. In 2002, I applied for NAFCC accreditation andwas awarded accreditation in 2003, right before I expanded into a childcare center. Are you committed to being a life- long student of Business including; reading business books, magazines, attending seminars, etc? You may find that you have several areas of strength and weakness, but that’s ok.That’s why I included the question, Are you committed to being a life- longstudent of Business?

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