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Have you ever watched the news, read an article, or heard a story and thanked God that wasn't you or someone you loved? Life takes its many turns, and has many balances and sometimes things are not always as we hoped.
I walked through the house to the front door and was horrified to see one of my children coming through the door with the red, black and gold flames of their head, covering their face. The burns were from his belt line up to his chin, around the right flank of his back, his right arm and the upper part of his left arm.
I hit the floor, stood back up and lunged one more time to tackle the child to the floor in the kitchen.

As I dialed 911, Justin was over powering to me, a strength I had never seen in anyone, let alone an 8 year old child. As I screamed on the phone for help I seen that what was left of the backside of his shirt was still smoking, so I pulled it of and seen that my son's skin was literally hanging of off him.
But children learn best by what they see, and in their eyes nothing bad has ever happened to the adults around them with gas. He kept yelling that he needed water, but all I could do was think that I shouldn't let him get water.
He had a white sheet and without hesitating wrapped my son in the sheet and took of with him down the driveway with me following.

The had put Justin in the back of the ambulance and put me in the front, and all I kept hearing from my son was a little voice that said over and over, "I am cold." Hysterical is the least of the words I can come up with as to how I felt. And a little part of me just couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing and all the sudden feeling.

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