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It is important that this sentiment is clearly stated and understood from the very beginning; if you are a man and do not yet have a son, there are no words that can accurately describe the feeling in its entirety. My son’s mother (I refuse to use the term “baby mama”) and I are not together; the story of why is long and sordid enough for a column all its own, so I’ll spare you the details. Most people know of at least one situation amongst their friends or family in which a man is paying child support.
A bright light appeared at the end of the tunnel though, and the judge ordered a court-sanctioned DNA test.
Check out page two for more cautionary tales and the author’s personal plan on how he will address his child support obligations. As I wrote on the Woman's perspective, I will do the same here, thouh I cosign this 1000%.
Some women out here are cold-blooded, however let women tell it, they don’t exist or they are a rare occurance.
I have friends who are fighting tooth and nail on child support, they don’t like the concept behind it.
When I see my child on the weekend she is wearing the clothes that I bought her, she plays with the toys that I paid for. 3)I think the family courts need to update the child support laws to match the times we live in today. 6)Child support should only go up until 18 – 21 if your child is in some sort of school.
Child support is a court determined amount that a non-custodial parent has to pay to financially assist the custodial parent with food, clothes, and shelter expenses.
I also think that DNA test should be mandatory to keep men from being victims of paternity fraud.
I personally think that once a a child suport case is brought to the court, the case should'nt continue until a DNA test is taken.
Child Support should be calculated based on where a child primarily lives and, if you are not the custodial parent, a percentage of that parents remaining bills and responsibilites (all bills should be brought to court, number of other children should be considered). I swear…I never understood women who would fight to NOT let a man raise his children half of the time.
I also need to mention that in NO court case concerning the network of people that I am close enough to here in Maryland, was a father denied his right to share custody with the Mom.
I hear of custodial parents going to jail for contempt of court for denying ordered visitation.
I have no child as of yet, but when I do, I really hope I don't have to go through no child support payments because the mother of my child and myself could not suck it up and work on our indifferences. It's pretty hard to be objective on child support, because there are alot of brothers who work hard to take care of their child(ren) but because the mothers in the situation (trust me there are plenty) choose to be greedy and want and expect more then dudes get caught up.
If so, wouldn't you say it's heinously evil for her to accept child support payments from you?
Can we talk about child support, a woman's right to abortion, and the male perspective on those implications? If the man were to force the woman to get an abortion involuntarily, we would accuse the man of killing her unborn child, right?
Forced child support is wrong 100% of the time when a man is forced, by a woman, to become a father.
I know I'll never have another child with anyone ever again because of what I went through.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I have heard that these days it is requird for a woman to have a paternity test after birth to be sure that the child she is taking home is hers. If you don't have enough money, I suggest you get off the net and get that money right. First, all this starts with the people YOU chose to lay down with and being smart enough to ask for a paternity test if you are not married.
Men actually have ULTIMATE control over whether or not they become parents BEFORE the issue of abortion is on the table by controlling their sperm via condoms, spermicide or reversible vasectomy.
Here's a question: Is your child sheltered, educated, dressed appropriately, fed appriopriately, entertained, transported, healthy? Furthermore, many times the guys complaining have MORE than ONE child, by MORE than ONE woman.
Child maintenance is regular, reliable financial support paid towards a child’s everyday living costs.
If you want a binding private agreement you may need to speak to a Resolution member about this.
California lawmakers advanced a bill that would intercept more insurance payments and use them to pay beneficiaries’ overdue child support. The measure approved by the state Senate earlier this month would make insurance companies’ participation mandatory. Senate Bill 585, sought by Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, lets the departments of Insurance and Child Support Services cooperate to match those who owe child support with those set to receive insurance payouts.
Which of these value-add services do you think your "emerging affluent" personal lines customers (e.g. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be able to survive off of $800 a month for just myself.
They share horror stories of working 40-50 hrs a week only to see half of it in their account on Friday.

Once you have children and live in the household they are raised in, you know it is not cheap to raise children. I know men personally who I believe should have gotten tests immediately, but they have not done it.
I do not think they understand that some women can be just as promiscuous, dishonest and conniving as some brother can be. I don't know how often that happens but is a DNA test the last and final say in wether support shoudl be granted or not. If a parent is working under the table, its the other parents job to gather proof and present it to the court. Many judges are old-fashioned and won't take full custody away from a mother unless there are extreme circumstances of her being unfit. The fact that we push them out does NOT mean we have the right to refuse a man wanting to raise his children. But, I really do question how hard men are really pursuing joint custody of these children.
Loss work for the day sitting in court, without an atty judge isn't taking you but so seriously, and if you get an atty that costs money.
As a kid who got child support, I look back at it, why is there even a cap on how much you should pay for the child you created.
If a woman needs child support to feed, clothe, shelter, and support a child but cannot afford it, then she should not get child support when the father is able to provide all the child's needs. I mean if the man is giving you money every wk or 2 wks depending on his pay period for THE CHILD, and I mean a good amount not just 25.00, 50.00 here and there, why should she STILL have to go to court? On the one hand, no, I don’t mind paying because I know my oldest child needs things. I wouldnt mind doing so because my child 9ren0 need to be provided for, but when she uses the money for other stuff, or you complain that you want more because you cant manage what you're getting then we have a problem. Suppose she found the kindness in her heart to go through with the pregnancy on your behalf so that you could have a daughter that you love.
For instance, if I were to kill a pregnant woman, I would be charged for murder of bother her and her baby.
If in the previous case, a forced abortion is killing a woman's unborn child, how then is a woman aborting their child not equally devastating to the man who wants nothing more than to be a father?
If a man and a woman agree to have a child together and then the man reneges on his responsibilities after the fact, then fine. I happened by this after watching a story about a rare situation where a woman who had the genes of her own unborn twin inside her was facing legal trouble because her DNA kept coming up as a mismatch for the 3 children she had via natural birth. The central issue is not that little ole check you write, but providing quality of life and opporunities for YOUR offspring.
I'd LOVE a guy to ask me for a paternity test so I can calmly place the results on the table in front of him, smile and quietly ask him what types of heauxs was he dealing with before me. Many times, due to male ego, control issues etc, the man will talk the woman out of an abortion, make promises to be there and then proceed to act an ass after the real deal (aka reality and responsibility) strikes. The parent without the main day-to-day care of the child (the parent who pays, previously called the non-resident parent or NRP) pays child maintenance to the parent with the main day-to-day care (the parent who receives maintenance, previously called the parent with care or PWC). It collects about $17 million annually from insurance claims, settlements and awards that would otherwise go to individuals who owe child support.
At some point during the day, a debate on the role of child support erupted in the comment section.
There was a deadline to legally contest paternity, and because he had moved several times in the past few years, he never received the paperwork. Rodriguez of course showed up (more than likely EARLY) to get the situation rectified; the girl and her mother did NOT show up for the appointment to submit to the testing, and at the time of the article, it was unclear if she had yet complied. And after he is left with only $800 at the end of the month, he has to figure out how he can travel 58 miles each way to see his children. My mother was a homemaker for the better part of the marriage, she swiftly embarked on a new career.
And even then, when they get their kid for the weekends, mom packed their clothes, toys, etc so dad doesn't get a true sense of the cost.
They should look at the fathers major bills (rent, car payment, school loans) into account when averaging out an amount.
The idea is that the child should have access to the same financial comforts in both homes.
Only his earnings from his employment and speaking engagements were considered…and the judge said his daughter could sit with someone at church while he was leading out. Plus every time there is an argument and people go running to the courts – that costs EVERYONE money. He should not be responsible for your other bills in the household, nor any other children you may have.
On the other hand, I know for a facf that some of the money I paid in the past went to paying my daughter’s mothers car note. I initiated the process because it was a way to ensure that their was a record of me paying. At the time of when she was pregnant, if she would have asked you to choose between getting an abortion or going through with the pregnancy, would you have chosen abortion?
Okay… suppose then you demanded her to pay child support to you for the rest of her life by penalty of law.

I may feel like I get screwed, but is me getting screwed worse than my daughter not being provided for?
This argument will be framed from the most popular position that women ought to have the right to choose abortion.
It is important to understand that, under no circumstance will a man's opinion be recognized by the courts in this regard.
I'm sorry that this has happened to you but even still couples still choose to condone in unprotected sex and I cannot feel sorry for them.
If this required DNA testing is true then perhaps men need to get in on this testing as well.
Not only that, if you want fairness, also supplement or match with your own effort, the vacation time and lost career opporunities that your child's mother has to deal with. A decent mother is going to kick out just as much, if not more money, than your child support during the kid's childhood. In some cases, a grandparent or guardian can be paid child maintenance if they are the child’s main carer.
In reading these comments, I realized very quickly that men and women have very different views on the role of child support, the fairness of child support (laws and calculations), and what child support does cover or should cover. When he started breaking bad about paying the agreed upon amount, she went up to the shop while he was working and started taking PICTURES of him cutting hair, his license, the shop name…alladat!!!!
However, if a man would prefer a woman to abort their child and the woman forces him into accepting the role as a father, that is just pure evil. Regardless of how his FATHER, willing or unwilling, feels…HIS child still exists now. After witnessing all my life a majority black neighborhood where babymama is the norm I can't feel sorry for a man who has gotten himself in this situation. Especially in the instances where guys have children with women they aren't in serious committed relationships with. If the answer is no, then sue for primary custody, which is in the child's best interest with such a neglectful mother, and quit complaining. And let's not tally lost wages, lost employment opportunity, a slowed social life and other sacrfices that come with being the full time parent. The simple solution I would think is better communication between mother and father, I know I’d probably feel better if I knew I was paying the light bill, or the clothes or half the rent. Before child support you make $1200 per pay check, but after taxed, court ordered medical coverage, and child support you are left with only $400.
The person taking care of the children now have to explain that on top of not getting any money. I no case does it cost 1200 a month to take care of a child (Day care maybe depending on where you live).
Even when I lost my job, and got another making wwwaaayyyy less, I never went to get it reduced, because I felt like my daughter needed what she was originally getting. She didn't want the child but your going to make her pay for YOUR independent decision to have one. Either the woman wants to abort the child and the man also wants to abort the child, the woman wants to abort the child and the man does not want to abort the child, the woman does not want to abort the child and the man does want to abort the child, or the woman does not want to abort the child and the man does not want to abort the child.
Truthfully, the average child support ($200) of the average guy's income ($26K) you folks are quoting is piddling.
A non-custodial parent should be forced to get any kind of job available to pay child support.
A child is a person, not an object you accidentally put in your shopping cart and you get to the register and say oops, my bad, I didn't , mean to grab it, and then put it back. So you are giving the mom around $600 a month for child support, and paying $200 a month for insurance.
There should be a reasonable deadline put on the parent not paying child support to get employed. If you are unable to do so and the other parent is willing and able, you don't deserve child support OR custody! The mom chooses to work only part time so she can be there for the kids when they get out of school. The child support paying parent will be forced to work one of these positions until they can do better. She doesn't have to pay for medical to take the kids to the doctor because she has your insurance, as well as medi-cal through the state to cover the co payments that she has to pay from your insurance. The mom then gets low income housing and is only paying $200 in rent because she makes so little, and then to top it off she is given 500 a month for food stamps because her income is so low. And its not his job or my job to maintain a certain lifestyle for our kids in another home. This scenario happens alot at least in california… I dont think guys dont understand how much it takes to raise a kid… I think its just a messed up situation! Its our job as adults to make sure we bring in enough income to handle ALL our financial responsiblities…period.

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