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Learning how to control one’s bladder and bowels is a skill that takes time, patience, and practice. Pediatric bladder and bowel problems are often related to issues that a physical therapist with special training can help. If you are concerned about your child’s bladder or bowel problem it is best to be proactive and look for a solution. Our program provides your child with therapy and exercises to help train the muscles used to control bladder and bowel function. If you have answered yes to even one of the above questions, then your child may be a candidate for our Pediatric Bladder and Bowel Control Program. Bedwetting – When children are over six, their pelvic floor muscles start to get stronger and are capable of retaining urine all night. Daytime accidents – Children who are potty trained but still have daytime accidents after the age of six are dealing with a different type of problem.
Constipation or painful bowel movements – Persistent constipation or painful bowel movements can be very scary for your child.
Within the first week of bladder and bowel physical therapy your child quickly becomes the boss of his bladder with improved control and confidence. Contact us today at ActivePT for a free fifteen minute screening appointment to get your questions answered and to determine if this is the right program for your child. ActivePT is excited to be part of the Rockin’ Robin Run coming to Rochester on Saturday, May 7th 2016! Why Active PT   Whether your pain or problem resulted from a sports injury, car accident, work injury, or came on for no reason, our experts in musculoskeletal pain can help. Subscribe below for regular updates and a FREE copy of Seasonal Kids Activities and more great freebies!

Unless otherwise stated, each of the activities shared on this blog require adult supervision at ALL times. The Simple and Effective Summer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step StoolSummer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool helps your child to build confidence and encourages the habit of using a clean potty.
Plioz is your great resource for modern baby toddler products © 2016 All Rights Reserved. Some children may be completely out of diapers by the age of two while others may still have difficulty with toilet training by the time school begins. If you are taking all the right steps to get your child to successfully use the toilet without any accidents, it could be in vain if there is an underlying problem. Furthermore, the longer you wait, the worse it could get, impacting your child’s self-esteem and confidence. While the problem may sort itself out in a few years’ time, it may not. The program comes complete with dietary and behavioral education for the child and parents to help yield long-lasting results.
They can control their bladder in a structured environment, but when distractions are present, your child continues to wet. Other programs use uncomfortable examination procedures; instead our child friendly program trains the muscles that control bladder and bowel function. Imagine working with a dedicated, ambitious, and driven team that helps people feel better every day! If you wish to share any posts or photographs from this site on your blog or website, you may use one picture with a link to the original post. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but our site will automatically receive a small commission. Your child may not recognize the signal their bladder is sending from their brain, which can be trained through our specialized pediatric program.

Simple dietary changes combined with a physical therapy program aimed at teaching the child strategies to control their bowels in a more comfortable way can help reduce constipation.
Experience rehabilitation with a therapist who sees your specific problem every day and loves treating it.
Every girls and boys ages from 2 – 5 years need potty stool to be able to reach the toilet.
Boon Potty Bench : A Modern Training ToiletThe Boon Potty Bench features two enclosed spaces for side storage that can be used to keep potty training supplies. If you are finding that your child is resisting this common transition or that he or she can’t seem to get the hang of it, then there may be an underlying issue.
Bladder control can be developed using muscular training by a physical therapist with expertise in these techniques. There’s no need to be afraid of falling or parents need to lift them up to the toilet.
This product doesn’t necessary be used only for the toilet, you can also use this for the sink.
One of great things about this potty stool is that it has removable sides for easy storage when not in use.

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