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Little Critter as he appeared in the first story.Little Critter is the title character of a children's book series created by Mercer Mayer in 1974.
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Proseguendo la navigazione o chiudendo questo banner dichiarate di accettare integralmente la nostra cookie policy. The books were the subject of several adaptations in the 1990s, including "Living Books", or CD-ROM versions which featured narrations of the books over Easter Egg-laden stills of each page. Later on, Mercer tried to make a series called LC and the Critter Kids based off an older Little Critter, but it didn't work. Also, the story Just For You was adapted into a "Golden Book Video" title in 1985 (as part of Mercer Mayer's "Herbert the Timid Dragon and Other Tales"), which narrated the story over stills from the book with simple limited animation effects.
In 2000 it was announced that Nelvana was working on developing a television series based on the property. Apparently at least a couple of scripts were written, but it never made it to television and nothing has been heard since.

Art Evolution: Somewhere along the way, Little Critter and family lost their slightly capybara-like faces (pictured above), morphing into a more generic rodent face with a bulbous nose.
Barefoot Cartoon Animals: The characters are generally seen barefoot, though they are often fully dressed otherwise.
Baths Are Fun: Just Me in the Tub depicts the things Little Critter does to get ready for his bath and then him having fun in it, though only after he washes. Also, the Animated Adaptation of "Just Me and My Dad" seems to be slightly Darker and Edgier than the book that inspired it.
It includes the reoccuring theme of Bigpaw, which isn't present in the book (there is one part in the book where Little Critter tells his dad "a ghost story," but Bigpaw isn't specificly named), the message that "this is the animal's home and we're their guests," which gets STRONGLY enforced by the end of the video, and the scene where Little Critter and his dad almost crash into a billboard. Face Palm: Little Critter's dad is seen doing this on the cover of Just Helping My Dad as Little Critter stands holding a shovel in a puddle of water created from a hose he left running. It could be justified in that he might have been pretending to be another person who just happened to be a rabbit — like a child pretending to be another person. Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have: Little Critter's grandma is in great shape for her age. However in "Just For You," Little Critter was completely nude while his mother was fully clothes.

Also in the book "When I Get Bigger" Little Critter was completely undressed while telling the readers what he wanted to be when he grows up. Sometimes he is fully dressed going to school but wears only a shirt at the playground and most of the time. Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action: One character in Just a Little Different has a turtle father and rabbit mother. Little Critter and Little Sister are both very upset, but it turns out that they're just moving a short distance away, to a home nearby their elementary school.
The first time failing to go to the potty at all and getting the sand in the sandbox wet, and the second time missing the potty and getting the floor wet instead. These books added a ton of new characters and attempted to target a slightly older audience (one book has LC and the gang facing a cursed mummy in a museum). While this series is largely forgotten, some of the characters have been assimilated into the main Little Critter series.

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