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There are 210 other games at Cartoon Network, and many are fun, but they are mixed with heavy advertising. But which are worth your (or your child’s) click??We asked a group of kids at Mediatech (our testing center) for their favorite free online games, and then screened out those choices containing too many ads. By offering three challenge levels, the game makes it easy to improve your typing abilities.
This is a business simulation, where you test different screens, button sizes and batteries to see how many you can sell. You’ll need to register, and then download and install an 80MB?file onto your computer (Mac or Windows).

This game was created by Edheads, one of our favorite places to learn something interesting.
Like WolfQuest, you’ll have to download and install a file on your Mac or Windows computer, but it is well worth your time. Once you do, you can form a pack with other wolves, controlled by kids all over the country.
For example, there’s also a brain surgery game, called Deep Brain Stimulation, where you get to be the doctor. Once the file is installed, you can make your own game by dragging and dropping bits of code on the screen.

The games aren’t as good as the ones on Nick Jr., but there’s far less advertising, and the videos are terrific.

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