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My Award Booking Service helps travelers book first class and business class with miles and points. In keeping with my aversion to taking Bangkok taxis or pricey car services, I decided to get back to Bangkok Airport the way I came--using the BTS, then the airport train. Even though it was a night flight, I was very glad to see that they had a main course offering of beef fillet with red wine sauce and vegetables. My favorite part of the meal was the salmon gravlax and prawn with mango and avocado salsa. The seats are staggered, allowing your seat to extend beneath the armrest and divider area of the seat in front of you.
Swiss gives you the option to either sleep longer and enjoy a continental breakfast up to 40 minutes before landing, or have a full hot breakfast served from a trolley 90 minutes before landing. Verdict: I'd expected to be more impressed with the bed and hard product than I was, and least impressed with the service, which I was thinking might be quite cool and aloof, but it was the reverse. Become a TravelSort Client and Book 5-Star Hotels with Virtuoso or Four Seasons Preferred Partner Amenities!
Reading this post reminded me how difficult it can be to sleep when a supposed "flat-bed" seat still remains at an angle. What are the best first class lounges that provide access when connecting onward to a business class flight?
Our Under the Sun 2-Chaise Set is perfect for kids who like to relax outside after a long day of playing. Unfortunately it turned out I was on the wrong platform to get the Airport Express train (and instead got the local airport train), so I fretted a bit about whether I'd get to the airport with enough time to spare, but fortunately there was absolutely no line at check-in and security and passport control also proceeded quickly. I was glad that I'd been able to secure a seat reservation in the business class "mini cabin" between first class and the main business class cabin, and highly recommend you try to get a seat reservation there. Normally I wouldn't eat so late, but since I hadn't had time to grab dinner, I was famished. Even though Switzerland is one of the few countries to have four national languages (French, German, Italian and Romansh) I noticed that virtually all crew appeared to be Swiss German (there was one crew member in business class who was Thai), and messages were provided in German, English and Thai.

The best part was was partnering it with a glass of Chateau Pontet Fumet St Emilion Grand Cru 2006. It's pretty hard for me to give full marks to any kind of mousse, unless it's a rich, complex chocolate mousse made with high caliber chocolate. Since I wasn't sleeping anyway, and always tend to be hungry when I haven't slept well, I had both hot and cold options.
Don't get me wrong, the bed is definitely better than any angled flat product, but if you're used to a really comfortable bed at home, don't expect a great night's sleep.
It used to be possible to close a credit card, and a year or two later, apply for the same credit card to earn the signup bonus again. To get it to appear, I recommend using a Chrome incognito window or private browser, if using Safari. On FlyerTalk, applicants are divided on whether calling helps or hurts your chances of getting approved. I even had enough time to duck into the very crowded Thai Business Class Lounge (which Swiss uses in Bangkok) and nosh on some pomelo and papaya, to take the edge off since I hadn't had dinner. There weren't any kind of pre-dinner nuts offered, and that was fine with me--I wanted to get right to the dinner.
German is not one of my languages, but I had fun pretending to speak it with the friendly attendant who was serving , using the 5 or so German words I know--bitte, danke, wein, stark, heidelbeer, etc. You could probably figure out who has been on a Swiss Airlines flight before just by seeing whether they open the tray table correctly on the first try. I can see why airlines like to serve mousse, because it's easy to make, store and serve, and to be fair, the light flavors are what you'd want after a substantial meal, but it wasn't impressive.
The amenity kit was very basic compared to what I've received in British Airways Club World (although the metal case was a nice souvenir for my son).
Next time though, I plan to use more miles and points to fly first class, as I think the more comfortable bed will be worth it!
Your child will love this chair and curl up in to rest after a long day of school and play.

The other food offerings there--overcooked dim sum, tired sandwiches--did not appeal, and I figured I could save my hunger pangs for the meal onboard.
The cheese plate was also on the tray, and given the late night flight this was just as well--I can't imagine many passengers wanting to have a protracted multi-course meal at that hour. What was nice was to be offered a Sprungli chocolate afterwards--they came around with a box, and you could choose one or several.
Nonetheless, it was definitely flatter than ANA, Singapore and Thai, and I did get a few hours of sleep before tossing and turning the rest of the night. You get to choose your own pastry or roll from a bread basket, and although it was a bit messy, I enjoyed the custard danish. And for a foodie, Swiss Business Class food is not their strong point, although appetizer was very good and nothing was bad--simply average. Let's face it--when you have a really comfortable bed at home (I have a Spring Air) it makes it hard to get a good night's sleep in an airplane. The Swiss yogurt was fine, but not as good as Wallaby organic yogurt that I get in the U.S. I'll need to see how it compares to Cathay Pacific business class and first class when I fly those next month.
Emilion Grand Cru, and while the wine list isn't extensive, I prefer having at least one very good option to many mediocre ones.
Maybe it was entertaining for them to see me try to speak German, but in any case, after some minimum threshold of cabin comfort and food is met, service is very key to my enjoyment of a flight, and service helped me enjoy this flight more than I would have otherwise. I also liked the quiet and possibly better service from being in the small "mini cabin" and would recommend Swiss for this alone, given a choice between another similar business class product without a mini cabin and Swiss in the mini cabin.

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