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Click here to visit Pockets of Learning the leading manufacturer of children's educational cloth toys and gifts. 7View our extensive collection of Christian and Judaica cloth books, wallhangings, and soft sculpture toys. This soft cloth book introduces children to the special celebrations that Christians observe. All fabric Merry Christmas embroidered Advent calendar with 24 stuffed ornaments that attach on the tree with Velcro. One of our most popular items - this colorful ark with storage pockets and handle holds 18 paired animals and Noah !

Encourage children to learn and discuss the Creation the Book of Genesis with this Bright illustrated fabric interactive book. These religious soft toys are designed to help children learn and remember their faith and heritage through creative play.
Children will discover the Hebrew alphabet with our Aleph Bet wallhangings, travel bags, and nesting blocks.
Parents and children can spend quality time with our interactive cloth books, learning about Jewish holidays and the creation.
We offer a variety of Christian interactive cloth books such as Christian Celebrations to introduce children to the Christian faith.

We offer several items that illustrate the story of Noah's Ark with adorable animals in pairs of two.
See our Holiday page for a complete description of Christmas Advent Calendars and Hanukkah Menorah wallhangings.

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