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A Child's First Steps is an academic child care center located on Highway 10 in Orangeville, just north of Hockley Road. Use this space to create a self-styled ad (with your chosen image and a click through link to your website).
Additionally, Kindergarten readiness conferences will be offered in the spring, but please let us know anytime you have a question or a concern about your child.
North Dallas GazetteThe North Dallas Gazette provides information and African American community news and events.
More than 20 years ago, studies began appearing demonstrating that there is a vast vocabulary difference between children of different socioeconomic backgrounds. Clearly, with a higher percentage of poor children among minority families, initiatives must be directed to help all children, but particularly in communities of color. Seven years ago, I launched the Thirty Million Initiative to counsel and partner with parents on what they can do to improve learning and development opportunities for their children. It’s heartening to see the impact of parents who are adopting some of our recommendations. During the study, the children often wore recording devices that tracked every word spoken by the parent to the child, including the exchanges with the children. Moreover, Adams said she is still putting into action the things that she learned from the project. Previously, Adams said she would read her daughter a book, but not give her a chance to respond to the book. All this proves that one of the most important things we can do as parents is have conversations with our children.

Indeed, parent-child talk is a fundamental, critical factor in building grit, self-control, leadership skills, and generosity.
Whether a parent is talking about the smell of a diaper, or the color of a flower, or the shape of a triangle, the Three Ts are designed to provide the foundation, from the first day of life, for the rich early language environment essential for building a child’s brain. The more familiar your child becomes with how words are used to give meaning, the more he or she begins to understand how basic communication works, and the more inclined he or she will be to respond. This book reveals how and why the key to nurturing successful lives is talking with children in ways that build their brains. America’s Wire is an independent, nonprofit news service run by the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education. With a feast of dance, music and costumes this is a fantastic way of introducing young ones to ballet. Ours is a community website so please feel free to share your local activities, events, classes with us. All parents can adapt measures that reduce the gap and encourage vocabulary development in their children.
From 2010 to 2012, the African American mother participated in a pilot study with other parents.
When the results were tabulated, it showed a marked increase in word counts and conversations. Drawing from an array of disciplines, my book explains the importance of starting at birth, even before your sweet, lovable baby can talk.
Parents learn to be aware of what their child is focused on, then to become part of it, enhancing the relationship, helping to im¬prove the skills being used in play and, through the ensuing verbal interaction, helping develop their child’s brain.

Engaging a child’s decision-making skills early in life helps your child develop his or her own sense of right and wrong, good and bad.
Communication gives your child a sense of control, allowing him or her to develop a sense of responsibility. It’s important to engage in conversation with your child and provide open-ended questions-talk with your child, instead of to your child. Based on scientific research that shows the critical importance of early language exposure on the developing child, Thirty Million Words helps parents enhance their home language environment in order to optimize their child’s brain development and, therefore, his or her ability to learn.
Our stories can be republished free of charge by newspapers, websites and other media sources.
Our teaching staff are experienced early childhood educators that have ongoing training in the early childhood field.
Risley even determined that at age three there is an incredible 30 million word gap between wealthy and poor children.
Child development experts visited their homes and explained the science of children’s brain development.
The brain is closer to a muscle than a sponge: practicing interaction helps strengthen the ability to not only receive information, but formulate responses. Parent talk can dramatically improve school readiness and lifelong learning in everything from math to art.

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