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Once tossed into the landfill, your child’s diapers will still be there, in their entirety until long after your great-grandchildren are potty trained. But the environmental cost of the disposable diaper does not lie solely in the waste it produces. For every load of reusable diapers you launder, you use up to 50 gallons of water (a limited resource in many parts of the country), and detergents the cause harm to the local waterways.
If a diaper service is used, then the energy needed to pick up and deliver the diapers must also be considered. In a 2008 study by Milieu Centraal, a Dutch nonprofit environmental organization, looked at greenhouse gas emissions, water use, pesticide use, and land use. Milieu Centraal concluded that disposable diapers make the greatest impact on the environment during the production phase and use non-renewable resources such as oil, while cloth diapers have the greatest impact during use. In the end, the choice between cloth diapering or convenience diapering should be based on what makes you most comfortable, as neither has been without a doubt proven to be better or worse for the environment. This is where early toilet training, whether it be through elimination communication with an infant or starting to potty train your 1-year-old, makes the most environmental and financial sense. Even if you only put your baby or toddler on the toilet once a day with success, that is one less disposable diaper to put in the landfills or one less cloth diaper to be laundered.
Want to learn more about how to use cloth diapers?  Our Ages and Stages series takes you through cloth diapering from newborn to potty training. Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Programs: Try Before You Buy - Still not sure if you're ready to commit to cloth diapers? Potty Training: Cloth Training Pants - This article provides more information on what to look for when selecting training pants, plus a comparison of popular trainers.
To get more information on why parents are increasingly choosing cloth diapers, check out our article on cloth diapers vs disposables. In response to the Real Diaper Association's School of Cloth, we wrote this short article about how to get started with cloth diapers.  It's a quick read, and contains links to some of our popular articles!
All this has gotten me reminiscing about about the last five and a half years and how we got started with cloth diapers. And then when we were expecting our first, I started looking into what kind of diapers I should use.
Even five years ago, the cloth diapering landscape was dramatically different than it is today. When my second baby came along, her very first diaper was a mint Fuzzibunz Perfect Size X-Small. When I made the decision to quit my job as a psychiatric social worker and stay home with my then one-year-old and three-year-old daughters, I decided I needed another outlet to avoid slowly going mad.

This entry was posted in Cloth Diapering, Family Life and tagged cloth diapering, flats, pocket diapers, prefold. Sign up here to receive each new post from This West Coast Mommy delivered right to your inbox! Many ingredients in laundry detergent are toxic to aquatic life, reduce the oxygen levels in waterways, and may disrupt the endocrine system of animals according to the U.S.
The first comprehensive study was completed by the UK Environment Agency and released in 2005.
Having your infant or toddler eliminate in a toilet does not create any more of an environmental impact than other humans in the house that regularly use the toilet, nor does it add to or strain the family budget.
Starting potty training early can save you hundreds if not thousands of diapers or loads of laundry and have an equal financial savings.
Looking for the perfect cloth training pants?  Look no further!What To Do With Your Diapers When They Are No Longer Needed - This article has more information on selling, donating, and re-purposing cloth diapers once you're done with them. Our Cloth Diapering Checklist gives you more helpful tips and suggestions to make your first cloth diaper shopping experience fun and easy.Thinking about making the switch to cloth? My baby brother was in part-time cloth and disposables, and I used to help my mother change his diapers. I had a few of those Mother-ease fitted diapers handed down from my sister-in-law, but some had been sold in the intervening years and I knew I would need more.
I used disposables for her first few days (I was afraid of meconium, but now I know better) then transitioned to Bummis prefolds and Super-Brite covers for the next eight months or so. That’s why I put my kids in their cutest cloth in hopes that someone might see and ask about it. At some point during my diapering years thin plastic wraps came out, so then I folded my cloth diapers into oblongs to insert into them (no pockets though). He’s potty trained in the house but not over night or if we have to go anywhere during the day. I'm a social worker, wife, and mom to two little girls living on the beautiful West Coast of Canada.
With the Flipi?? hybrid diaper system, parents can choose from three absorbent inserts to meet their changing needs. To grow cotton, natural habitats must be cleared for farmland and pesticides and fertilizer used. The study concluded that the environment impact of cloth and disposable diapers is similar with no clear winner. This conclusion is largely based on the cloth diaper user’s ability to decrease their environmental impact by using water and energy efficient appliances and by choosing to buy organic cotton diapers.

I expect that it will take a little while longer for her to be potty trained at night, but we’re clearly at the end of our cloth diapering days. I still remember shaking out those huge birdseye cotton flats, folding them into a big kite for my mother, and handing them to her along with the safety pins and plastic pants to keep everything waterproof.
The first time I changed my niece’s diaper I realized what a big step up these were from what I was used to. Back then, cloth diapers were just starting to get more notice and becoming more mainstream.
In the course of reading cloth diaper blogs and entering cloth diaper giveaways, I learned so much about the growing cloth diaper scene. Knowing someone who uses cloth is one of the most powerful endorsements for a new or expecting parent.
When I see how beautiful diapers are today I wish I’d have had such lovely ones for my children.
Join me as I blog about family life, natural parenting, paleo recipes, and living life a little greener.
Educated disposable diapering parents can be quick to point out the fallacies of such a claim. I knew from the start that I wanted to take on an active role in my cloth diapering community.
Producing the throw-away diaper involves trees, pesticides, machinery to cut down trees, oil, and a lot of energy.
If that energy comes from oil or coal, there is an additional negative impact on the environment. Mamas who used cloth, who wore their babies, who co-slept, who tried to reduce their family’s reliance on disposable products. This time I had a handful of newborn pocket diapers that I used in rotation with my faithful Bummis prefolds. Not only are cloth diapers safer, more economical, and more environmentally friendly, they’re just so much cuter than cheap paper and gel-filled diapers!
Any cloth diapering mama will tell you how hard it is to resist buying all the colours and adorable prints, even when the last thing you need is more diapers.

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