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When two men and a lady entered the bathroom on Frontier Airlines Flight 623 and stayed for a long period of time the pilot called for back up in the form of two fighter jets. The pilot declared an emergency and military aircraft was scrambled to the scene, following the jet until it landed safely. Once on the ground heavily armed police and three K9 units boarded the plane taking custody of the involved passengers. The police stopped in front of her and the other two passengers beside her ordering them to get up quickly cuffing them. One of the police officers asked her if she was wearing any explosives to which she replied no.

The men and lady didn't know each other but because of their skin colour people were overly cautious. According to witnesses the men and woman went back and forth to the lavatory by themselves several times, spending long periods inside. The 116 passengers were ordered to remain in their seats by the police while the suspects were being taken into custody. She had just landed and texted her husband when she saw police cars following the plane on the tarmac. She took to Twitter to record what was happening and her concerns considering the date, September 11.

The passenger believed at this point that they were being arrested because of their skin colour, the men were Indian and she is half-Jewish, half-Arab.

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