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It's very practical because it has compartments and extra bags for me to store essential potty training stuff such as tissues, handwipes and diapers.
I'm glad I bought Travel Potty by Cool Gear because it helped alleviate my worries about my son contacting germs in public toilets.
SnackTime container – The top section on this snack container has freezer gel, so your child can drink his juice cold. I’m definitely not a believer in wasting money buying travel size products, but what do you do if you’re traveling with just a carry on? I’ve been searching for a slim travel potty to keep in the car for our longer road trip needs.

When we traveled last time, I found it easiest to pack kid trail mix in a larger container and then pour some in to a snack cup. Since I try to be semi-crunchy, I’d upcycle my produce bags for this instead of constantly using new ones. Obviously, this will help you for long car rides (or even a local trip with easy car access)  – though on a plane, you may want to pause the training. It’s really lightweight so if you are traveling by air with a weight limit, you can pack it in your suitcase with no weight worries. With our curly hair, my husband and I are very concerned with which shampoos we use, both for ourselves and our baby.

This is a perfect way to bring some along – even if we are just visiting relatives for a weekend!
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