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If you choose to use a crate for the puppy everyone in the home needs to follow the rules, abiding by them and not faltering, even when the pup whimpers.  Sticking to a routine will enable your pup to learn that ‘messing’ outside of the designated area is a no, no. Maintaining your crate training routine will be part of an aversion technique teaching them that they don’t poop in their crate but wait for you to let them out and show them where it is acceptable to relieve themselves. If accidents happen in the crate try to remove the ‘offending mess’ as quickly as possible. Set the rules, stick to them, you may have to train all of the family, but it will pay off tenfold. Potty training a puppy can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you don't know how or where to start. What To Do About Whining If your pup is whining because he needs to go to the bathroom, take him straight outside, and place him immediately back in the crate.
Pup: Image by Stewart Black, FlickrHave a small dog that you can't always take outside to use the bathroom?
Young Puppy: Image by AJU_Photography, FlickrPotty training your puppy can be hard to do, especially if you're gone most of the day.
Dogs may be domesticated animals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t retain instincts that pertain to survival in the wild.
Spring is in the air and puppy fever will soon be burning through the veins of the best of us.
With the crate training method, your puppy will not only be potty trained, but he can learn a number of other good habits as well.

It's okay to reward him if he goes to the bathroom, however, it's important to establish that you're not taking him out for play time. If you find that your central heating radiators are hot at the bottom and cold at the top they may need bleeding.
The crate will create a den for your puppy that has just enough room for him to sleep, eat, and chew on a toy, but not enough room for him to use the bathroom without having to lay in it.
Keeping Your Pup ConfinedPuppies have small bladders, and can't be expected to hold it for more than an hour. This will help the pup associate the crate with positive things, and feel substantially less lonely. Furthermore, most pups will go wherever they are at a given moment, unless they're in a crate. For this reason, while you're at home and awake, you'll need to keep your pup confined in a crate (but close by), or on a leash next to you. You can get your puppy to go in on his own by placing things the puppy likes inside the crate, like his favorite toys or treats. This means that you'll need to set an alarm at night so you can take your pup outside a couple times, and you may need to come home during your lunch at work if you work a 6-8 hour day.2. Taking Your Pup OutsideWhen you take your pup outside, designate an area for him to do his business.
You can also serve your dog's meals inside the crate so he begins to associate being inside the crate with food.Creating Positive AssociationsIt's important that you never use the crate to punish your puppy.

This will give him a "smell" that he can associate with going to the bathroom after he's gone there a few times. For successful crate training, your pup must enjoy being inside the crate, and must associate it with positive things like treats, food, or a favorite toy.How Long Your Pup Can Stay In The CrateWhile you're home and awake it's important to take your pup out of his crate every hour, and about 15 minutes after every meal. Using A KeyphraseWhen you take the pup to his bathroom area, pace or circle in the general area and repeat a keyphrase of your choice.
However, if you work long days or if you're gone for long periods of time, you may have to come home to take your dog out, or hire someone to come over and take him on a long walk. Do this for 3-5 minutes or so, and if he doesn't go, put him back in his crate and return in about 20 minutes.4. Rewarding Your DogIf your dog eliminates where he's supposed to, praise him and give him a nice treat. You're welcome to let the pup have free reign around the home for an hour or two, or give him a nice long walk after he eliminates to reward him and help him get the exercise he needs.5. What To Do OvernightA puppy won't be able to hold it for an entire night, which could result in an accident in his den area.
To prevent this, set your alarm to go off every four hours, at least once or twice a night depending on how long you sleep.

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