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Most new puppy owners will deal with puppy crate training whining at some point or another. However, if you do not address it in the right way, puppy whining may become a problem, at times leading to more serious problems and frustration. It is imperative for a new puppy owner to find out what is causing the whining in the first place so to address puppy crate training whining in the most appropriate way. Used to living with mother and siblings for a good 8 weeks, suddenly separating from them can be quite a traumatic experience. A puppy at this stage may have never been placed in a crate and the first instinct may be to avoid that small enclosure.
However, even when introduced properly, it is normal for the puppy to whine the first few nights simply because it misses its mother and siblings. The first night, a good amount of time should be dedicated to getting the puppy accustomed to his new crate so to reduce puppy crate training whining. The crate should be left with the door open and a comfy blanket inside along with an enticing, but safe toy. Once the puppy has started associating the crate with good things, it helps to add a warm water bottle wrapped up in a blanket or shirt to mimic the mother's warmth.
Once the puppy appears comfortable being in the crate with the door open, the crate can be closed temporarily for gradually longer and longer periods of time. As a general rule of thumb, owners are told not to attend to puppy crate training whining or this will reward the whining; however, during the first couple of nights experts agree that a little bit of attention will do no harm.
Ideally, during the first couple of nights, the crate should be placed in the bedroom near the bed. It is highly recommended to take your puppy outside just before being crated for the night. Puppies usually take a few months until they are able to keep their bladder and bowel movements throughout the night. As a general rule of thumb, puppies and dogs enjoy crates as they mimic dens once used in the wild. If you want your puppy to enjoy the time he spends in his crate, never use it for punishment. It is a good idea to keep the crate open for most of the day with occasional treats placed inside every now and then. Puppy crate training whining may become problematic once the puppy realizes that it brings attention. It is important, therefore, to ensure all your puppy's needs are met before rushing to check him out.
Many puppy owners find that covering the crate with a cover helps calm the puppy down enough to relax and fall asleep. Puppy separation anxiety is not uncommon in puppies and young dogs which may fear being abandoned. Hitting or screaming at a puppy for whining is not only unjust, but it also ruins the bond that is very important at this stage. Owners must also realize that many times they actually encourage puppy crying and whining by attending to it. If your puppy is crying and you cannot find a good reason for it, consider having him seen by your veterinarian; there could be an underlying medical condition that needs addressed. If despite your efforts, nighttime crate training whining still takes place, consider working more on making the crate a wonderful place to be in. For more advice on how to deal with puppy whining, I highly recommend you read and follow this dog behavior training guide.
Unauthorized use of any images, descriptions and articles is strictly prohibited under copyright law. Puppies will whine and cry when separated from their owners and left alone, especially for the first time. Start off by putting the puppy in the confined area (crate, exercise pen) for a very short period of time.
In many cases, putting a treat or toy in the crate or pen with the puppy before closing the door will help condition the puppy that it’s a fun place to be. It’s important to understand that sometimes your puppy will whine and vocalize for no apparent reason – from our point of view! The reason excessive whining continues is because the dog has learned that whining, crying or barking gets whatever he wants – attention, food, affection. If your dog is whining or howling when you are at home, either for attention or just out of habit, the first step in stopping this is to provide your dog with daily routines of play, exercise and training. Unusual whining or whining that starts suddenly when it never existed before may be your dog’s way of telling you that something is wrong. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your dog and if you use our link below you get ONE BOX FOR FREE No Gimmicks!!

Puppy Shopping ListHere is a page of all our recommended products for every new puppy owner.
In most cases, crate training a Chihuahua can be really easy, all you need is just a little patience.  It is very important to make the crate a home base. Besides serving as your pup’s private den and his home away from home, your puppy’s crate (in our case a Chihuahua) is your best house training tool. Every time you put your dog in his crate, toss a favorite toy or special treat into the crate ahead of him. It won’t be long before your puppy learns what “Crate” means and enters his little den on his own. Your Chi puppy may cry the first few times he’s introduced to his crate, but if you leave the room and don’t retrieve him until he settles down, he’ll soon learn to relax in it. At night, make sure your puppy relieves himself before you crate him and then put his crate in your bedroom, right beside your bed.
When your Chihuahua matures, you may want to leave a crate in a corner of your living room with the door always open. Training your Pitbull puppy is an important part of being a Pitbull owner, and housebreaking is often one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish.
Often, this form of puppy whining is considered normal, especially during the puppy's first days spent in a new home with new owners. And on top of that, add going to a new home with new people, new noises, new smells and new sights! If the puppy is not introduced to the crate properly, the first impression may not be one of the best. It is the owner's job to intervene and make the puppy feel at home and reduce puppy crate training whining. It is important for the crate door to remain open for quite some time during this exploratory phase. Some new puppy owners find it helpful to also wrap up a ticking clock in blankets to mimic the mom's heartbeat. It is important to open the crate only when the puppy is quiet and not actively whining so not to reward puppy crate training whining.
When introduced properly, a crate is a happy place the puppy seeks for security and comfort. Also don't use it to contain your puppy for several hours at a time when he is not yet ready for this (use dog pen instead). The puppy can also be fed in the crate to enforce a dog's natural tendency of not wanting to soil areas where they eat and sleep. If every time the puppy whines, you rush to check him out, he will be quite quick in realizing how rewarding this can be.
Make sure your puppy has water, has been fed, has engaging toys and was recently taken out before attending to his whining.
Many puppies may whine when the owner leaves the room even for brief periods of time or when the owner actually leaves the puppy alone in the home. It helps in these cases to promote the puppy's independence by leaving for very brief periods of time and coming back every time the puppy is quiet. Because young puppies are learning about the world surrounding them, it is important to provide guidance in a calm and positive way. For instance, it is wrong to baby talk and pet a puppy when it starts whining or crying upon noticing you are about to leave. Rewarding puppies when quiet and ignoring them when they are actively whining is the key to promoting good behaviors.
You'll find lots of information on dealing with many behavioral problems, including whining and crying.
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The puppy is afraid he is being abandoned by his pack and is sounding the alarm so that he can be rescued.
If he starts whining or crying when you leave, don’t rush back to let him out or reassure him. When she begins whining, wait for a short pause in the whining, then immediately take her to her toilet area. Often these special times of undivided attention will stop the dog from whining the rest of the day. I just signed up for the BarkBox subscription box and if you use my link you get a FREE BOX!!!!Dang.. But before you teach him his bathroom manners, you should teach your Chihuahua to accept, and even enjoy, being crated.
The worst thing you can do is rescue him when cries, because that teaches him to control you by whining and howling.

If he cries in his crate as soon as the lights go out, sing or whistle soothingly to him ( to let him know that someone in near ), but don’t take him out of the crate.
Crate training puppies can be frustrating at the beginning, since a young puppy is used to snuggling with his mother and litter mates, and  he misses them most during the wee hours. Dogs don’t like to soil their sleeping quarters, which is why a crate is such a good house training aid.
He may appreciate a private place of his own where he can chew a toy or take a nap when he needs one. Buy a crate that will be spacious enough to hold the size of your Pit when he is fully grown. However, do not place the crate directly next to a vent; you do not want heat or cold air-conditioning blowing on your puppy. Quietly allow your dog out of the crate, and take him outside to relieve himself with lots of praise and even a treat.
It is quite understandable, therefore, for the puppy to undergo a roller coaster of emotions the first couple of nights and days in the new home.
The puppy should be praised upon entering the crate while no big deal should be made upon exiting.
On one hand, by keeping your puppy's crate nearby, you will be within reach should your puppy give signs of needing to go outside to potty.
If you really want to check on him, wait those brief seconds he is quiet to make sure everything is in order. Eventually the puppy will learn that quiet brings the owner back, while whining accomplishes nothing. Rather, make your departures low key to prevent rewarding such behaviors and stop dog whining.
Let your kids and friends know that when he curls up in his crate, he’s tired and wants to be left alone. Buying a crate with a partition allows you to change the amount of room inside of the crate as your puppy grows. You may also keep a toy inside if you will not be home for a while during the day; dogs can get bored and you do not want your strong chewer to destroy the crate.
Leave the crate door open throughout the day so your puppy feels comfortable to walk in and out. A popular rule of thumb is that your puppy can hold his urine as many hours as he is months old; at two months, he should be able to wait two hours.
On the other hand, you will be able to be there to reassure your puppy that he is not alone. However, whining, crying and barking continues then he probably is not yet comfortable in his confinement area. My puppy whines at the front room window because she is looking for her playmate to come over to our house. But sometimes the sounds are so hideous and loud it scares us and we fear for the puppy’s well-being.
Each time you give in to your dog’s whining demands, you are training him to continue whining.
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If crate accidents happen too often, he’ll adjust to living with filth instead of maintaining the clean habits he was born with. If a puppy has too much room in the crate, he will learn to relieve himself in one area of the crate, and lie back down in another area. When the time is up, let your puppy out and immediately take him outside to relieve himself. If he either resists going into it or loves it so much that it’s hard to get him out of it, something is wrong. However, be mindful of how much water you leave; the dog will urinate in the crate if you leave too much water for her to drink. Practice leaving and returning several times so he becomes accustomed to your departures and realizes that you are not abandoning him forever. Before you reprimand your puppy for whining, barking and howling, try to get a handle on why! BarkBox is a monthly Dog Lover Subscription box which includes toys, treats and fun goodies for the puppy in your life and believe me this will just save you time because you’ll be buying new treats and toys all the time anyway!

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