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Rottweiler puppies grow rapidly, with their weight doubling from ~30lbs at 3 months to ~60 pounds at 6 months. AnimatedPet specializes in high quality custom-fitted dog crate covers and pads for your beloved pet.
Some new puppy owners decide that it's easiest to go without a crate at first, until the puppy "grows big enough," which can hinder house training and potty training.Starting your puppy early with crate training is a major advantage to the growth and wellbeing of your puppy.

Crates do come with a divider panel so you do not have to buy separate sizes and retrain with a different crate. The general rule for picking the right size crate for your puppy is, picking one that is just big enough for your pup to go in comfortably, turn around, and lay down. Anything larger can create potty training issues.Rottie puppies do reach a full size at over 90 pounds around 13 months so you want to make sure to invest in a crate that is strong enough to support their strength and crate train early to prevent any problems like chewing.

Typically, 48" long crates are about 33" in height which will support your full grown Rottie's size.In our store, we have the right size crates for your pup as well as a crate cover and pad set that will help create a cozy environment for your Rottweiler.

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