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But at last, after much searching, I bring to you my favorite three Easter ensembles {so far!} for toddler boys!
On this page you’ll find an adorable selection of baby Easter outfits for infants ranging from newborns through toddlers sized 4T.
Adding a cute Easter bunny hat and slippers instantly transforms any baby outfit in to an Easter outfit.
The bunny rabbit or hare has been a pagan symbol of spring for a long time because they are a great symbol of fertility. Little Guys has an adorable pinstripe bunny overall set for baby boys that would be perfect for Easter. You may also want to check out the adorable selection of bunny and chick themed baby Easter outfits for girls and pretty Easter dresses for toddler girls. With the egg representing fertility and new life it’s not surprising that the practice of decorating eggs dates back a long time.
The Bonnie Jean aqua lace dress is beautiful and the pastel aqua color is perfect for Easter.
Just Darling has a gorgeous little five piece suit set for babies and toddler boys that would be ideal for Easter and any other formal occasion you may have throughout the year.
If you have an Easter baby, then they will most definitely be too small to take part in the Easter egg hunt and to eat chocolate eggs.
The original Cuddle Coat by Bunnies by the Bay is a lightweight coat made with white faux fur with a pink satin lining and ribbon bow closure. This two piece set includes a white onesie with blue and white pinstripe collar and a pair of matching overall shorts.

The matching top and pants are made with turquoise seersucker check print and have a multi-color polka dotted ruffle trim that is super cute for Easter.
Chicken eggs are most closely associated with Easter so naturally the tiny chicks that emerge from these eggs have become a symbol of this new life. The earliest recorded findings of decorated eggs are 60,000 year-old ostrich eggs that were discovered in Africa.
This two piece set by Bonnie Baby includes a yellow bodice with rhinestone accents and a painted Easter egg applique with a baby chick peering out, a coral mesh tutu with lime green and yellow ruffles and a matching pair of coral polka dotted capri leggings.
This dress could easily be worn again during the summer if you have a wedding to attend and it would also make a very cute birthday dress. The set includes a white buttoned dress shirt, a vest with two buttons, a bow tie, newsboy cap and a pair of knicker shorts. You could also buy cute Easter bunny pajamas to help them count down the sleeps until Easter. The rabbit became a popular motif in medieval Christian church art and it was once believed that a hare could become pregnant without losing its virginity. The sleeveless dress has ruffles at the neck and there are adorable chick appliques at the pockets. In Christianity Easter eggs represent the resurrection and the Church officially declared them a part of Easter in 1610.
This bodysuit is made with 100% cotton for baby’s comfort, has lap-style shoulders for easy dressing and snaps at the bottom for quick diaper changes.
The lace dress is sleeveless, has a zipper closure up the back and a sash with a large aqua bow.

The costume also comes with a pair of bunny mittens and a pair of fluffy bunny booties with non-skid soles. Because eggs are a symbol of rebirth, by the 18th century the idea of an egg-laying Easter bunny was born.
This practice is actively discouraged these days because chicks grow up quickly into chickens, they require special care and they can live a long time. Over the years the eggs were dyed or painted in more cheery pastel colors and have taken on a less somber connotation. Definitely order a size up and if you want your son to wear it later in the summer then order two sizes up so he has room to grow. At this time children were told to make a nest in their bonnets and if they had been good then the Easter bunny would lay eggs for them.
Although in many homes eggs are still decorated today, it’s definitely a modern custom to replace the painted Easter eggs with chocolate eggs or colorful jelly beans.
Nowadays kids eagerly await the Easter bunny who lays colorful foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs in the garden. It’s much better to give chocolate and candy chicks, and of course baby Easter outfits featuring baby chicks. Finding Easter eggs and jelly beans hidden in the garden is an exciting part of Easter that kids look forward to every year.

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