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During finals week, Rob and I decided to take a break from studying so he could introduce me to the Chicago dogs at Ninth Street Deli.
After quickly posing in front of the closed doors as a nod to a phase my kid brother went through when he was about three, we meandered around for a plan B. Every order is printed just for you here in the USA using eco-friendly inks on the highest quality garments such as American Apparel, District Clothing, and Alternative Apparel. You can catch a new webisode of Zuleyka and her son, Sebastian, each month!  They are always uploaded on the Huggies Latino Facebook page. Of course I have to grab him and take him to be changed, and he’s crying all the way.  Who knew getting clean would be so traumatic?!?! Fellow mom, and former Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera, shares the same sentiment – that her son Sebastian doesn’t like his play time to be interrupted for a diaper change.  She talks about it in her new webisode for Huggies.
I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as a Huggies Latina Brand Ambassador!  Over the next few months I’ll be sharing my Huggies experience with you and I’m so excited to get started! And aside from the toddler love Huggies receives in my household, using Huggies has been a huge sanity-saver for my family.  I hear so many comments from parents about how their kids’ diapers leak and have awful overnight coverage.  That hasn’t been an issue for us when we use Huggies diapers!
It’s really exciting to hear that former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera (2006) has teamed up with Huggies to try out their new and improved diapers and wipes. Kaa might be well known throughout the jungle for his hypnotic techniques, but he soon discovers that a few hours in the company of Baloo's hot, tired feet can have an equally mesmerising effect. It seems Brian didn't take too kindly to the Family Guy writers temporarily killing him off under the wheels of a car. Brian decides to exact some sweet revenge for past abuse after stumbling across one of Stewie's latest inventions - a fully functioning shrink ray.My most ambitious animation project to date - featuring multiple scenes, sound effects, voice samples and with a running time of 1min 36secs. Click left thumbnail to view Flash animation (loading times may vary) or click below to watch on Youtube. Stewie's latest scheme goes awry when his prototype growth ray inadvertently turns Brian into a giant rampaging beast. After somehow stumbling into the world of Looney Tunes, Mike isn't quite sure how to cope with being a toon. Digeri Dingo's powers of negotiation are tested when Taz discovers an extremely rare and valuable bottlecap that he isn't prepared to trade. Taking time out from their usual duties of saving the Digiworld, Growlmon and Exveemon turn the submissive Mike into their own personal paw plaything.
Rexar and Giran meet for the first time, and Giran wastes no time in showing his admiration for Rexar's warm paws.This image was a request for Giran of BigClawz involving his favourite Dragonball character.

Growlmon happens to find Kayne lying helplessly in the dirt, and decides to tease the little husky before showing him just how heavy he really is.Guilmon720 asked me to draw this violent crushing series involving the digivolved form of his favourite digimon and his canine fursona.
There are so many weird and dangerous creatures in the Australian Outback, you might feel it's important to watch your step. Jake gives you his own special welcome to Australia by showing you what it really means to go 'Down Under'. There are two types of monsters: those that hide in cupboards or under beds to scare children, and those that stomp around squashing little people for fun. As he examined Modo's impressive feet, little Lawliet couldn't help thinking that life might have been rather more fun if he'd been born on Mars.A belated request picture for Lawliet involving his fursona and one of his favourite characters from Biker Mice From Mars - regretfully I kept the guy waiting two-and-a-half years for this!
One of philosophy's most well-known questions: If a fox takes his shoes off in the forest and there is nobody around to sniff his feet, do they make a smell?There's at least one person who already knows the answer. Having outgrown the Mystery Machine, the giant Scooby decides to go it alone in the crime-solving business - and with considerable success too.
That's the trouble when you spend your whole life waging war on machines - sometimes it's hard to know when to stop fighting. Raphael's rebellious streak threatens to shatter the harmony among his brothers when the unruly turtle tells Leonardo that he deserves to have 'a taste of leadership'. Eager to hone their skills, Michelangelo and Donatello challenge each other to a training fight, with the loser facing a forfeit. A micro-sized Tydo somehow makes the mistake of ending up in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' lair just as Leonardo and Raphael are looking for something to do. Arriving at its edge, the tribe heaved him onto the tablet and pinned him down onto its cold surface.
Contrary to the title of this post, I really do like Indian food, especially the classic lamb tikki masala. She’ll be offering real-life parenting tips via a monthly webisode series that will include personal moments with her son Sebastian. But with all the walking around, sometimes you just need to pause and give your feet a chance to relax. Cue gratuitous furry stompage, random cutaway gags galore and a mildly distracting subplot involving Peter and Lois that nobody is really following.
Thankfully, as your experienced guide, Jake will let you know which ones you needn't fear getting underfoot.This image was done as an experiment in creating backgrounds and shading closer to the original Disney style.
Determined to put an end to this challenge to his authority, Leo proposes to discuss the matter a few days later in a secluded quarter of the underground.

The question is, who won?This project was intended to be a multi-panel comic which was abandoned midway through production after I experienced severe problems with loading the picture file on my old PC. Clearly the idea of making a turtle-paw sandwich out of the little raptor proves too tempting to pass up. They were extremely hostile to intrusions by outsiders, and the foolish dog would now be dealt a grave punishment.
Climbing up around him, they tied Mike's limbs with rough cords cutting into his wrists and ankles, and strapped the loose ends firmly around four gold rings punched into the rock, leaving Mike's body spread flat across the plate. Our Baby designs have been hand picked by BeWild's humorists so you know they are going to be hysterical.
The character shown is meant to be a rough representation of the show's creator, Seth MacFarlane.
Upon recovering access to the file, I subsequently became unhappy with how the picture was drawn and ultimately ceased working on it.
Captured, stripped and bound, Mike was carried aloft out into a desolate open plain stretching for miles between the mountains.
The cold wind swept down from the peaks and swirled wildly across the barren landscape, rushing a sharp chill through Mike's naked fur.
Mike felt the panic rising in his body as their voices and footsteps became more and more distant, until they eventually faded out into the whirling rumble of the wind, leaving Mike helpless and alone out in the open.The dog was powerless, the tight cords stretching his muscles out beyond his own ability to control them. Looking down over his feet, he could see something strange, a dark shape jutting above the flat earth. A huge stone tablet raised five feet above the ground, like an altar of rock in the centre of the wilderness. He struggled for several minutes, shifting his head against the rock as he wildly darted his gaze across the plain, looking for any sign of what awaited him. Each onesies is made of 100% cotton and feature a perfect fit collar that automatically adjusts to your baby so baby will love them too! With his muscles beginning to ache with the tension and the grip of the cords burning as they pinched the flesh to his bones, his heart sank as he started to come to terms with his hopeless position. The sky was turning dark above him, the black clouds drawing towards the sun, the chill in the air growing as a storm wind began to swell over the mountains from the West, like a dark omen warning him of impending danger.

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