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Trick training is a terrific way to bond with your dog and help him or her feel like one of the family.
101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog requires no special tools (such as clickers) or knowledge of specific training methods.
The book's step-by-step approach, difficulty rating, and prerequisites allow readers to start training immediately.
Layered straw, wood shavings, an egg crate mattress pad or even an insulated baby’s crib mattress work well.
Yet another possibility is the installation of a heating lamp near the ceiling of the dog hose.
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Tips and trouble-shooting boxes cover common problems, while "build-on" ideas suggest more complicated tricks which build on each new skill. While several years ago it was common belief that puppies should be trained only once over the age of 6 months; nowadays, a better understanding of how dogs learn through reward-based training techniques has made it possible to jump start the whole training process at an early age.
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We help the animal to harness its need to chew and use appropriate chew materials while leaving heating pads and door flaps alone.
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For instance, a dog can be asked to sit when guests come over so he’ll not be jumping all over them with the end result of leaving messy paw prints all over their clothes. If you intend to use a different type of heater but it does not come with a chew-safe cord cover, simply run the cord threw a thick PVC pipe. A dog trained to sit politely before being fed will also be less likely to get in the way potentially causing the owner to trip and create messy spills.Asking a dog to sit before throwing a toy or before petting the dog encourages calm behaviors which are rewarded with a game or some attention. Furthermore, the sit position can be used as a precursor of other commands such as down and stay.
It uses food, strategically placed between the handler’s thumb and index finger and protruding enough for the dog to be able to sniff and see. As the term implies, luring means using food or a toy as a lure that will guide the dog into the desired sit position. In order to train the dog to sit, the treat will be brought at the dog’s nose level and then lifted upwards from the nose towards the head.
As the dog follows the treat, his nose will point upwards which will cause the dog’s rump to hit the floor in a sitting position. Fading the lure is a process that should be done gradually by removing the treat from view once the dog understands the sitting exercise and allowing him to depend solely on the upwards hand signal without the treat. Handlers who are patient may wait for these spontaneous sits to happen so they can mark them as they unfold and reward them accordingly.
In the case of shaping, the dog is taught in small, incremental steps which ultimately are approximations of the finished behavior.
The dog would, therefore, be rewarded for looking upward and then for slightly bending the hind legs. Clickers are often used to quickly mark desired behaviors.Physical MoldingLast, but not least, some trainers prefer teaching dogs to sit by simply pushing down on their backs until the dog sits.

This method is based on negative reinforcement, meaning that something perceived as aversive by the dog is removed the moment the dog complies. In this case, the dog learns to sit faster and more frequently so to avoid feeling the pressure on his back.
Another similar method consists of pulling the dog’s leash forcefully in an upwards motion until the dog is forced to sit. For instance, it’s not a good idea to push on the back of a dog with back pain, a growing puppy or a dog with some orthopedic problem.
Not to mention the opposition reflex where the dog instinctively resists pressure so to better balance himself, and on top of that, the fact that dogs trained through physical molding may learn to depend on the handler’s touch something that may interfere when training distance work.Introducing the CommandWhen should the verbal sit command be introduced for the first time?
If the sit command is given when the dog is in the initial stages of learning, he won’t clearly understand what it really means. The dog may therefore think that the word “sit” means looking up at the treat or slightly bending the rear legs. If the dog is being lured into a sit, the sit command should be pronounced when the dog is fluent in sitting, but right before the hand signal is made.
The hand signal can therefore be faded so the dog sits only when he hears the verbal command.TroubleshootingFor some dogs, the sit command may be more challenging to learn than in other dogs. This can be due a conformation issue; indeed, it seems like their anatomy makes sitting for them uncomfortable. It’s also important to realize that dogs suffering from orthopedic problems or old age may find the sitting position uncomfortable or painful. For instance, in dogs who tend to back up when asked to sit, a wall or a bench may prevent them from backing up, allowing them to finally sit.
Dogs who appear distracted, many need to be trained in a quiet area where there aren’t many distractions going on.
Distractions can be added gradually only once the dog is fluent in sitting on command.The use of high-value treats can help motivate even the most unwilling dogs. Crunchy treats can take a long time to chew and may cause a dog to choke if he’s excited and eats them too fast. Great training treats can be found in pet stores nowadays, but many handlers prefer to give their dogs small pieces of people foods such as slices of hot dogs, strips of string cheese or little chunks of boiled chicken or steak.The Bottom LineAs seen, the sit command can turn out very helpful in many different circumstances. It’s always a good idea to make training a fun and rewarding process so the dog looks forward to it.
Tedious, long sessions may cause a dog to lose interest in training soon, with the end result of a dog dreading it. Once a dog learns how to sit in a quiet area, it’s the handler’s job to gradually add distractions by asking for sits in the yard, and then on walks and in increasingly distracting environments. The best part of training a dog to sit is that once the dog learns this command, it will become almost second nature to sit when asked to. There’s ultimately no shadow of doubt that regular obedience training paves the path to owning a dog that is a joy to have around and a well-adjusted member of society.

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