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Features Suitable from birth up to 50 lbs per seatQuick-Fold designCLICK & GO Infant Car Seat adapter system works solely with BRITAX infant car seats.
Great maneuverability and space for kids and stuff however my only concern is how long the fabric will last the wear and tear of my rambunctious 2 and 5 year old with one on the way!
We bought the B-Agile double after using the city-mini double in Disney World for a week from a rental place. I already had the single version of this stroller so when grandson number two came along I knew I had to get the double. Pros:Light weight, extremely easy to maneuver, easy to open and close and very compact to store in my trunk.
The Zee Two delivers a super smooth ride on a stroller that is both lightweight and compact. Eventually we reached my favorite fruit and vegetable truck (which is where I go on Wednesdays if walking all the way up to the market is too much for me or for Lena).  Besides, I love the cheerful man at this truck, who knows us now and always throws a few extra strawberries or artichokes into the bag for me.
And then I got to the final stretch up to our house and had to push all of that uphill!  Talk about getting back into shape! I lived in catania for 4 yrs as a little girl and went to the base school before transferring to the local school to perfect my italian (still fluent decades later :) and that is where we started to eat fennel. I look forward to reading about your life abroad and comparing it to what we are experiencing here in China. So when baby #2 came along we were happy we could still use the system and convert to a double stroller without having to buy new carseat and base!

The Zee Two refashions the conventional belief of a lightweight stroller by including independent infant compatible full reclines, adjustable footrests, EX-tended hoods and a roomy basket.
We live in a beautiful town on the California coast, but our hearts are in Virginia and our last home was Italy. I’ve never cooked with it before but in the past month two different friends have raved about its deliciousness. And I think you’re getting a deal on all that delicious produce, and even if you aren’t you ARE because you are shopping outdoors out of a truck in Italy! The idea of shopping from the back of a truck sounds fun compared to our big box stores here — although I’m impressed how you do all of that with two little ones!
I buy local organic milk and eggs (about 1 Euro for 1 L of milk and about 1.15 for six organic eggs). I think we pay about the same amount of money as you are in Italy…for me, it is slightly cheaper here than it would be in the states for the same bounty.
I love the separate and big canopies, along with the zip storage on the back of the seats that are removable. Perfect for transporting kids around the neighborhood, shopping, in and out of car and traveling cross country.
I eat tons of CA mandarin oranges in the winter months, and for reference, a 5 lb box is $6 at Walmart and $7 at the local grocery store. I live in China, with a toddler and we are hoping to have another baby while on assignment here.

As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of juvenile products, the company's goal is to provide reliable products at an affordable price.
I hope Lena and Gil enjoyed their time in the sunshine too and didn’t give you a hard time! From the Snap N Go stroller to the Diaper Champ, Baby Trend's revolutionary designs are celebrated by busy parents everywhere.
I love the huge canopies, the adjustable handlebar, the ease of being able to snap in the britax car seat if I don't want to take out the little one. I love how lightweight Britax products are, and how easy the strollers are to fold and setup! The Only complaint I can think of is the storage basket being small but other than that I can not find anything wrong with it. Things I wish I read in reviews: it fits in our very tiny trunk (Ford Focus), the basket-which is very important to me, having two kids, is huge, and has multiple ways to access it in case one way is blocked, also I feel safe putting my two month old directly in the seat without the worry he'll fall out, the recline is very deep.

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