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Dr Hodges believes all these numbers are underestimates.'Since parents tend to believe potty problems are normal, many dona€™t bother bringing their kids to the doctor,' he said. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
In my first potty training post, I talked about how to decide when to potty train your child. Next, I’d like to talk about potty chair selection: Who knew this was such a big decision?
I’ll get more into our actual process of potty training in the next potty training post!
Pin ItSuccessful potty training, whether you are working with your infant, one-year-old, or active toddler has to be a positive experience for all involved. With a ducky face on the underside of the lid and duck feet holding the potty chair up, this chair is cute and fun.
This one is just fun for the fact that Safety 1st managed to make an adorable child’s potty chair. Once you have done all these there is no doubt that by the end of the third day your child will learn how to potty. There are instances where a child has no problem urinating in the potty but when he starts to feel like pooping, he refuses to use the potty. Most parents think that extreme punishment and discipline will make their children use the potty.
While in the bathroom, tell him not to hold and throw his poop because it is dirty and that the bathroom will take care of it all.
The very common question that you hear about potty training is, “when is the right time to potty train?” or “what age should the child be to start the potty training?” We believe that you also have questions like this.
First of all, put in mind that your child’s physique is fragile and his mind is still playful.
You can also start when you see that he shows that he is comfortable having the potty around. If you are dedicated to teach your child to use the potty, you will go through everything and find every means and ways to accomplish it. Once your child is equipped and well-taught, he will be able to independently do things and will even willingly perform his little responsibility of going to the potty.
In the potty training area, you should start training your child before three years of age so that he will learn fast and you will not encounter difficulty in training and the longevity it will take to train him.
According to a psychologist, positive reinforcement is one way to motivate a person to do well in any of his endeavor and undertakings in life. Pin ItAt about 18 to 24 months of age, a child that has long since finished potty training may be ready, even insisting, on doing the task from start to finish by himself.
The BabyBjorn Safe Step stool is 8 inches tall and wide enough on the top to give your child some room to step up and turn around. The Looster Booster is in the mid-price range at less than $50 and gives a child more stability than the BabyBjorn. The Potty Stool step stool has a solid base, wide step, and large handles to grasp as the child climbs up. There are musical potties, talking potties, iPad potties (yes it’s a real thing, pictured above) and cheering potties.
The appealing thing about these is that won’t have to deal with emptying and cleaning a little plastic potty chair, which I admit, is kind of nasty. It has a lever that activates a chime sound, giving your child more control over potty time (no surprise noises if that scares your child).

Meant to look and simulate a real toilet, it holds a roll of toilet paper, has a flush handle that clicks when pushed, and tunes play when activated by successful use.
You might presume that since it involves a whole lot of props and consequences, it will not be easy to make him learn that fast.
It is essential that both you and your child are physically and mentally prepared before the start of the training. Make sure that by the day before the training you have already made him wear underwear and not diaper.
Always be advanced and organized when it comes to teaching your child the things that he should know. Your child may be afraid to go to the potty and will ask for pull-ups on a daily basis before he poops.
You may make him wear pull-ups but put a hole on it then make him sit on the toilet seat while holding him. You might think that at three years old, he is very ready to potty but then, it is the other way around. If he starts observing the potty and even sits on it without crying then you just hit your jackpot.
You should always think and consider the interest of your child when teaching him this sort of things. Just have a good time in doing this and always be reminded that in potty training your child, do not start too early or too late. Do not tolerate him doing things that he desire to do because he might think that it is all right to do this even if it is not. Reward, for instance, is one way to drive a person to constantly perform his obligations or duties for the fulfillment of his goal. And if your child is wearing clothes without buttons or zippers, he probably can take on toileting himself, although you probably should still supervise and help with wiping at this age.
If you are waiting until your child is 3 years old or so for potty training, I can see how a more flashy potty could be an asset, especially if your child seems uninterested in cooperating.
When your child is sitting on the potty, is not the best time for him or her to hear that sound for the first time. You could leave it in your living room and visiting guests will never know they are sitting right next to a toilet! You can do this by showing your child the potty and introduce it to him that whenever he needs to go, he can use the potty for urinating and bowel movement. This will give him a boost of security and comfort that he is doing the right thing and should continue doing it. This is not the ideal training however you can turn it into one so that even while wearing pull-ups, he is learning the process of using the potty. They do not want to be told and most especially they do not want to be stopped from what they are doing. Unlike girls, the boys need an extraordinary training but not necessarily a special attention because both little boys and girls deserve all the attention equally. You know why your son has to sit and stand on different occasions but you might wonder where and how to start training him. Since most toddlers under the age of two cannot reach the toilet to sit down, you will need to buy a potty stool if you are using a potty seat that sits on the toilet. This is the best buy if you have a young toddler that needs to use her hands to climb up, or if you have a child with developmental delays, or just a fear of the toilet. If it scares your little one, you will set toilet training back several weeks or even months.

This is one of the smaller toilet seats and rather short making it a good choice if you have an older infant or one-year-old. You have to teach him slowly one by one to make sure that he will understand very well and be able to learn fast. You will never know what will happen but you can anticipate it through observation and study with your child’s actions and attitude. Explain why you are doing this and tell him that it will be better if he is the one who sits on it. If you continue to portray an approachable personality, he will not hesitate to ask you to guide him to the potty. Allow him to do this so that at least he knows that when he is about to poop, he has to go to the bathroom and not somewhere else. So as much as possible, start it as soon as you see that your child is able to understand what is a potty.
They are usually in the “stubborn” stage and are not yet aware that their actions constitute such. You want him to succeed in the future but before doing so, you have to start with the basic. Here are some of the best potty stools on the market that give the stability a young toddler needs and extra height without being so tall that your child is elevated precariously over the toilet.
If you have an older child that can easily step up and down without toddling, then buy this cheaper potty stool, which typically sells for less than $20.
It is the highest priced of the three, but if you have a child that needs this extra security to use the toilet, you won’t regret the purchase. Let your child hear the sound before actually using it to get him used to and excited about it. There is nothing more effective in potty training than a smile and encouragement from you mom and dad. Try reading through our article and get some proper and practical ways to determine when to start potty training. When the child shows that he is interested in using the potty that is the time you will start. He will never be complete if he goes out to the world not ready and equipped by your teachings.
Like all parents, you can’t wait to teach him to walk, talk, run, read, write and even use the potty. If it truly scares your child, then you can return the seat before it’s used and your child won’t associate sitting on and using the potty with being freighted. Do this every minute or so until he will get familiar with it and will appear to be harmless. He will remember this the whole time and will even use the potty again and again if needed. When you start too early he might hesitate and panic and if you start too late he might resist it and you will start all over again too late than planned.

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