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By RealAdviceGal 39 Comments Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Piyo Piyo USA but all opinions expressed here are 100% mine.
I found the easiest way to train my children to go potty in the potty was to not train them. There are other budget-friendly potty training ideas like partnering their favorite activity with the potty.
We were so impressed with the Piyo Piyo potty seat because of its portability, the handles and the overall appeal to both boys and girls. I do not have kids to potty train yet, but I am learning all the tips I can get so when it does happen I feel confident.
I currently don’t have a method as my daughter is not ready to be potty trained but I love the seat.
I have to say that as soon as my children got out of diapers I had a huge boost in my income.
The potty chart goes on the wall or door of the bathroom that you think you will be in most.
We went completely backward and then trying to potty train with a newborn felt nearly impossible! I remember that my mom used to sit us in the potty sit ever so often and we would look at a book in the mean time.

Then when we are home we do the same, every two hours and count up the 15 even if he doesn’t go. I figured out several creative ways to potty train, and I was able to potty train my children pretty quickly although I will say my first one was the hardest. I made sure that if they tried at the beginning, they got a lesser treat usually praise or a kiss. We feel that using the Piyo Piyo potty seat will make your potty training easier, and we want to help one of you with the journey.
The rest watched their big brother which confused my daughter who thought she could stand and aim. The best part of the Piyo Piyo training seat is that it’s extremely portable and can fit most adult toilets. The design was very perfect, and I’m able to use it in any bathroom in our house then bag it up to take to my parents or in-laws so that we can keep the training going where ever we go! I look back at all the money we spent on diapers, wipes, and bribery and realized there was a better way to do all of that. I would keep the kids in underwear while I was at home and I would put my timer on every 15 minutes, and I would make them drink after drink. These are my secrets that have been tried and tested and stamped with the approval of three fully potty trained kids later.

Then once I learned their cycle I would move back the clock to reflect that like going every 20 minutes, 25, 30, 35, until they were asking to go on their own. The feet that you will print are used to show where the potty is, so print out as many as you need showing the path to the potty. When you are potty training, you want to reward everything that happens on the potty even if it is a drop.
Then as your child sits on the potty and something comes out you will give them the feather to add to their duck, and they get a treat. I believe the Piyo Piyo potty seat is a great investment because you can bring it with you when you travel. I found that having the seat my children were used to made it easier and depending on where you are going you could take the duck feet. It was also something fun; you could add if they potty in the potty then they get to move the feet. The best way to train your child is to be consistent and to be positive and have the right tools available to help them be successful.

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