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Didn’t want to leave you hanging after showing those beautiful potting tables a couple days ago. This next diy potting table is perfect for those who rather not take on such an ambitious project but still want to use some creativity. Susan at Homeroad transformed a plain store bought Ikea kitchen cart into this very chic potting table. I know what you mean, there are so many great projects and things to look at out there and so little time!
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You needn't spend a great deal of money or time making DIY outdoor furniture to bring comfort and convenience to your deck, porch, or patio. With June officially having kicked off the summer, we look forward to a season under the sun. There are so many exciting DIY outdoor furniture projects on Ana White’s blog, including a simple cedar potting bench. If you’re curious about, but wary of, experimenting with concrete, this trough-style planter would make a terrific starter project. I'm Anne & here to help you improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food in small spaces. I use this handy guide to find out the optimal days each month to plant, propagate, prune & fertilise. Now, I try to be self-reliant and budget conscious where possible by making my own supplies. Quality bagged mixes can be quite expensive (when you add up ingredients, packaging, transport, marketing costs, retail margins, etc).
Quality varies tremendously from certified organic products with strict standards to unlabelled contents of questionable origin and quality. Peat and bark (commonly used ingredients) tend to become hydrophobic (water-repellent) as their moisture content drops to below 30%.
Often include chemical polymers in wetting agents to compensate for the ingredients that are often hard to wet. The most common ingredient is cheap composted pine bark which can be quite acidic & breaks down quickly, causing the soil structure to collapse.
On the up side, commercial mixes are sterile, disease free and very convenient as you just open the bag! SAVE MONEY.  Potting mix bags range in price but you can ALWAYS make your own premium quality mix cheaper!
A ideal general potting mix should be light, airy, long-lasting (doesn’t break down or become compacted), moisture-retentive and contain some nutrient value.
I think of it like baking a cake – each of the ingredients plays an important function. Aeration – a good mix will be light and fluffy, allowing air pockets to form in the soil structure so your plant roots and micro organisms have the oxygen they need to thrive.
Water retention – moisture holding capacity is essential or you will have a water repellent mix and waste money on unnecessary watering.
Support – the soil crumbs need to be small and fine so the plant roots (especially young seedlings) can take hold and easily expand through the mix. Microbes – play a vital role in plant health and growth and I include them in my mix although many mixes are devoid of soil life.
Thermal Insulation* – whilst this is an optional function, given that most container plants experience extreme weather conditions at times (hot or cold climates), this can be a beneficial characteristic to include.
1 part pre-soaked Coir Peat – Coir peat is a cheap but long lasting renewable resource so is a more responsible environmental choice (a waste by-product from coconut-processing industry). It comes in a convenient dry, lightweight compact block (in various sizes) and is sold at garden centres, supermarkets, produce and hardware stores. 1 part Vermiculite* (Grade 3 is a good size) – Vermiculite is the silvery grey colour you often see in potting mixes. The flaky particles soak up moisture and nutrients and keep them in the mix so the plants can access them. I prefer this medium to coarse washed river sand because it provides excellent drainage and has great moisture and mineral retaining properties whereas sand doesn’t.

Compost retains minerals, provides moisture and plant food, microbes and improves the structure of the growing media. When rehydrated according to the directions for the volume you are making, loosen and fluff with your trowel. STEP 2: Mix equal quantities of pre-soaked coir peat and vermiculite (or coarse sand if using) together well in a large separate container. STEP 3: Next, add the sieved compost and worm castings and combine thoroughly with (optional) nutrients. You may need to moisten lightly with a watering can until you can just squeeze a few drops of moisture out of the mix or it has a nice moist but NOT wet feel.
STEP 5: Store in a container WITH a lid to avoid drying out if not using it all immediately.
I used to add nutrients to the pot AFTER I’d added the plant, but opening up packets and containers every time was repetitive and time consuming.
Depending on what I have available at the time, I add about a cup to provide plants with an immediate and slow release of food. If you have some rehydrated coir peat left over, I recommend storing it in a sealed plastic box to keep it moist, with a scoop ready for use next time.
Once you have potted up your plants, avoid letting the mix dry out – coir peat holds moisture well but if it really dries out over time, it can take time to re-wet thoroughly. Container Hygiene – clean your containers when re-potting or before using with soap (biodegradable) and water. Compost breaks down as the nutrients are used up by the plants so the volume of mix in your pot will gradually drop.
Some potting mix recipes suggest using perlite instead of vermiculite however I don’t recommend this due to the risk of Silicosis (overexposure to dust containing microscopic silica can cause scar tissue to form in the lungs, reducing the ability to extract oxygen from the air). When buying a commercial potting mix, look for the Australian Standards Mark (AS 3743) on the packaging. How to Restore Waterlogged Pot Plants A large number of homeowners have suffered inundation by floodwaters as a result of extreme weather events. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
They make it look pretty easy with step by step instructions. Looks great just like the inspiration pic, they did a great job! This amazing diy table was made by Carrie at Dittle Dattle with a little inspiration from Pottery Barn.
It can live on as a really cool potting table, with many great memories attached.  All it takes is a little paint and your done, how easy is that! I'm Jacky an avid gardener & diy'er who loves to be outdoors and anything that involves nature.
I’m also one of them but options are still there to do some physical activity that can fulfill your body need as exercise keeps your body active, fresh and healthy. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
But if your deck, porch, or patio is lacking basics like tables and chairs, now is your moment to get busy with DIY outdoor furniture projects aimed at making your time outdoors both convenient and comfortable. Whether you plan to sit on them or to use them as side tables—or both—making a complete set is neither expensive nor time-consuming. Here, it hangs from a tree limb, but if you’re more of a bench person, simply adds legs to the design. Easy to build, even for those with limited woodworking experience, the bench doubles as a bar or barbecue area for summertime get-togethers in the backyard.
To achieve a light and lively table top like this one, round up some wood boards and some glass tiles, then get to work following Centsational Girl’s handy how-to.
It's laminated, easy to use, works all over the world + the bonus mini companion planting chart makes it a practical gift. With a sea of choices, clueless salespeople and confusing labels, I made more than one bad choice. It also consumes nitrogen in your mix so has to be compensated for, with added fertilisers. Making a batch and storing it saves time so you always have some on hand for mini projects without having to buy a huge quantity if you don’t need it.
Many non-certified organic commercial mixes contain water crystals or soil wetters made from chemical polymers and after researching the dangers of these, I’ve decided not to use or recommend such products.

Making your own supplies is incredibly satisfying and you can share these skills with others. By choosing the right ingredients, you will get more mileage out of your mix than a bagged mix based on bark which quickly decomposes. Now I just use a basic mix I know is reliable and long lasting – it’s a starting point so feel free to try it out and experiment! In a typical cake mix, there are wet and dry ingredients, those that bind it together and make it rise. Avoid making your mix on a windy day, safety glasses and a spray bottle to mist water over dusty ingredients are other precautions you can take. The finer product left behind after the husk fibre is processed is called coconut coir or coir peat – not to be confused with peat moss!
It is natural volcanic mineral that has been expanded with  heat to increase its water holding capacity and can come from a variety of sources. Note: * this is an approximate quantity based on making 36 litres (4 x 9 litre buckets) of potting mix using a 9 litre brick of coir peat. I have limited time in the garden so have developed systems that make it quick and easy to get my tasks done.  While making a batch of potting mix, I now also add minerals and slow release organic fertilisers. I use products such as Organic Xtra, Organic Link, Searles Kickalong Organic Plant Food and McLeod’s Organic Soil Conditioner as these are all balanced organic fertilisers that provide great results without taking out a second mortgage!
Microbes are your silent workers – put ‘dinner’ on their table and they’ll have energy to work for you. A black tick indicates a basic potting mix and a red tick has added fertiliser which means it will feed your plant for a period of weeks. Found it at Real Simple, check them out for about hundred other great ideas for repurposing old objects.
Either way, it’s easy to imagine whiling away the weekend on this invitingly oversized seat, isn’t it? Plus, your modern and minimalist result may be used in more ways than one: A patio planter today becomes a drinks cooler tomorrow, just in time for your Independence Day party! By making your own mix, you know exactly what’s in it and can control the outcome you want.
I’ve never had to adjust the pH using this recipe, however you may need to for what you are growing. I blend these additional ‘ingredients’ into the mix all at ONCE so then all I have to do then is plant and water! If the grains are too fine, smooth and round (like you find on the beach), water will cling to them and they’ll compact, drowning your plants.
Have been following your blog for a few months now — love the frugal gardening articles and the nasturtium posts inspired me to get some nasturtium seeds going. Sadly my seedlings keeled over when we went on holiday as there were several consecutive days of 40 degree heat here in Adelaide. Please don’t worry about how to start home gardening as I’ve some DIY ideas to start home gardening. Will plant a new batch soon and hopefully get them established so I can try a few of the ideas mentioned.
When we discuss about home gardening, we really think about some gardening requirements means what to require for home gardening. Following the potting bench designs, assemble the barn wood pieces by fixing the steel nails. After assembling all barn wood pieces, apply a color of your choice to give your homemade potting bench a beauteous look which will surely decor your mini home gardens as per your desire. If you want to get my opinion then white color is my favorite color and I’ll also suggest it to you. After getting it dried in open air, place your potting bench in your lawn, mini home garden and enjoy home gardening.

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