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5 Stars Toilet Seat Cover Anonymous from wrote (June 03, 2014): Like the ease of installation. I returned only because I bought the wrong size and have reordered an additional one.The gold leaf is beautiful very classy vintage looking 5 Stars Love the Gold Glitter Kathy F.
5 Stars Work of Art Barbara Toomey from IN wrote (April 04, 2014): Our bathroom has a beach theme and this gorgeous toilet seat is amazing!! The color is beautiful and all those amazing seashells and artifacts embedded in the seat make this a working piece of art. Elongated Toilet Seat Covers Coastal Look Beautiful Trimmings Updated by Dick Oatts on Saturday, February 16, 2013, is one of the pics from the main post Modern Elongated Toilet Seat Covers for Your Thematic Bathroom.There are 12 more pics that you can see below.
Crafted from resin, this decorative toilet seat and lid are transparent with bits of gold foil accents sealed inside.
Decorative elongated toilet seat is transparent with bits of silvery foil accents sealed inside.

Decorative elongated toilet seat is layered resin with a variety of molded shells, underwater accents, and sand pressed between the layers. Dissapointed that it did not have more real shells and some that were in seat appear to be painted. Fits elongated toilets by placing existing toilet seat on top of seat elevator and bolting in place (bolts included). Would rather see just "natural" shells and not "enhanced." Also, the blue coloring in the resin is rather pale. Although I missed out on free shipping because of limited display on the phone, I and Linda were very pleased with the seat, both color and finish are exactly as described.
Was easy to install and looks great 5 Stars The Queen's New Throne Moma Bear from OK wrote (February 27, 2014): I really like my new throne - it makes me happy when I have to go and gives the whole room a homey comfortable look.
Comfortable seat 5 Stars Rena from IN wrote (September 23, 2014): I remodeled bathroom and wanted something different.

The only con is the wait for it to be back in stock and would have liked to pay under $100. When I pointed that out to some friends, they agreed that it still looked very nice inspite of that. Haacke from FL wrote (July 07, 2015): It comes with plastic nuts, which are not acceptable because the threads strip.
Noticed this in book,thought they were beautiful so I ordered 2 one for guest bath and half bath. Was so pleased am about to order one more for master bath.I have ordered a total of 5 toilet seats.

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