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When I was desperately searching every thrift shop in my area for an Elsa-esque dress and coming up empty handed, I finally drove down to Crestline {just 15 mins away} because I remembered a little dress shop I had passed a few times while antiquing there but had never stopped to check it out. NOTE: If you have a stretch jersey turtleneck that is short and straight, this is really the only step you will need. And though I created a special Frozen manicure {found in my makeup tutorial}, I think these Purple & Green Faux Jeweled Nails would suit the look better! I purchased this ribbed, shimmery knit from Jo-Ann – probably in the costume section. Now that the dress is done, you can add a few accessories if you like to complete the look.
Kristin – every time I read one of your comments, it makes me smile, thank you so much for always lifting me up, I really appreciate it. I made this Elsa dress for my daughter yesterday and I cannot thank you enough for sharing it! While we were vacationing in Texas, we had the privilege of celebrating my niece Mahala’s 4th birthday! My personal obsession with cupcakes left me in charge of M’s birthday cake (a task I was more than happy to take on)! Next, I swirled frosting on each individual cupcake before going back and filling in the gaps. For the larger holes, I placed marshmallows in the gaps to support the frosting (see photo #3 above). Rachel also made some beautifully BLUE ice cream to enjoy with our cake – perfect for the Frozen occasion! It's Kim but not as you know her: One of Mr Lopera's requests was for a supersized Kim KardashianA And business certainly seems to be booming, with Mr Lopera, who comes from Menorca, revealing that he has been inundated with requests.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I hate forking out a bunch of money on poorly made Halloween costumes (especially when I have twin girls to outfit).

Be sure to check out these other awesome Halloween ideas from the others in the Kids Blogger Network Fall Giveaway with me! It’s one of those cheapy shops {you randomly find GEMS in} with dresses on mannequins propped up outside the entrance and I thought they MUST to have something I could use.
I hate sewing from scratch mostly because I don’t have patience for patterns, but I also like to create my DIYs for anyone who may not be able to sew, so everyone can have options to DIY themselves. I really wanted a challenge, but if you’re willing to spend $100+ on a pre-made Elsa costume, then $100 for her dress is nothing really for a unique DIY costume all your own {my preference, of course}. Make small stitches on either side of your ribbon to key places like right along the zipper seam, & the side seam, and create a V point in the center by folding each ribbon end over the other to hide the ends, and stitching in place. MOST IMPORTANTLY when you’re stitching or glueing your ribbons on, MAKE SURE to separate your ribbon at your zipper and stitch it onto either side so you can get into your dress in the end!
Follow the same instructions to create your top V, but for this, I stopped at the side seam {you can choose to go all the way around if you like} but this area will need more stitches to keep it in place.
But the best way to achieve this is to hand-draw the design on paper and cut it out to use as a stencil and simply find matching markers and trace the design on. Remove your turtleneck, and with it laying flat, carefully finish cutting the slit down about an inch and a half. To create Elsa’s gem neckline, I drew and cut out similar shapes from fabric and ribbons in matching colors and hand-stitched them onto my turtleneck around the edges. Since mine were showing, I opted for a fun lace tight {though I think she wears green in the movie} and lace up boots that felt the era. I’m a beginner sewer (I can hem pants cause my legs are horribly short) and I was just able to make the dress. So, I wanted to put together a huge round-up of DIY Elsa costumes to give you some inspiration to Do-it-Yourself this year! We’re all contributing an awesome round-up of ideas to make your upcoming Halloween awesome! I hope you found posts that are honest, practical, and helpful to your soul, home, health, children, and spouse.

I still need to make a cape for my daughter’s Elsa dress up apron, so I’m going to pin this!
I will be posting a round-up of DIY Anna dresses soon too (in case she wants to be Anna instead).
I keep thinking my girl will outgrow the whole Frozen thing, but about a year later and still she’s loving it! FOLD your ribbon ends UNDER to keep from fraying and finish the look, then stitch in place. You may be able to find a printable stencil online… Test your colors on the under side of your fabric somewhere near the bottom of your dress first. Because mine is a cowl neck AND knitted, I stitched the front edges together so they wouldn’t unravel.
The fabric I used was a little thinner and it made it tough for the bodice, but in the end it turned out great and my daughter won’t take the dress off now thank you thank you!!
My sister planned the most adorable Frozen party for our very own Princess Elsa, and she was absolutely delighted!
I don't stop until they look perfectly plump.'When I get requests to make Disney characters - like Elsa and Ariel - look fat, I have to make a digital drawing on a pen tablet.
That can take a long time too.'Now Mr Lopera says he hopes to turn his part-time job into a full-time career. And Queen Elsa, with her awesome ice powers, beautifully long flowing cape, snowflake decals, and beautiful braided hair, is many little girls favorite princess. My little girl is turning 3 in September and I have to make her this dress for her Frozen themed Party! I’m sure a Queen Elsa costume will be on the top of the Halloween costume idea list this year.

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